Xiao Ya Tou: Mod-Sin Brunch of epic proportions

Tied of fighting the crazy queue situation at Symmetry on Sunday mornings? Fret not, as their baby sister outlet Xiao Ya Tou dishes out an equally epic Asian brunch on weekends from 9am to 4pm! Opened by Abby Lim, chef-owner of Symmetry; you can expect to find the same league of brunch nosh here, but served up with an ode to Asian and Mod-Sin fare.

The kitchen roping in Singaporean flavors and regional spices together with Western techniques and the regular brunch shenanigans in a menu that's pretty mind-boggling - the graphics and quirky wording not tending to the needs of a hungover victim very well (I would know). But nothing that another cocktail won't cure... my rum-based Cha Yen cocktail, Yuan Yang's sweet and innocent disposition helping to ease the pounding headaches.

Then there's the complimentary soup that is served before the succession of the meal. Piping hot bak kut teh soup and even more sultry fresh-fried mantous attempt to burn my companion's finger tips. Despite it's lack of pertinent spices; the broth is a welcome addition to the remedial experience at Xiao Ya Tou and I gripped on to my fluffy hot pillow with fervent need, dipping its edges gingerly into the broth with every bite.

The romanticism of having eggs for brunch is ramped up here at Xiao Ya Tou. Brunch in Chinese local contemporary style manifests in the form of Chai Tow Kuey($18) and Goreng Pisang. The former presents sunny side up eggs, the color of a Mediterranean sunset (nonetheless) over rice cakes, minced spicy pork sausage and dried shrimp. We wished the rice cakes to be a little more bite-sized to encourage more crispy edges but the overall flavor combination packed quite a jolly punch. Apparently, if you bring your own eggs, you get $1 off the bill. Chew on that.

The XYT Breakfast ($21) stole my heart with its innovative flavors - corned beef meets roasted potatoes, preserved turnip (aka chai po) and chili jam in a smack down of flavors that go perfectly well with your latte or alcoholic libation.

For more tasty Mod-Sin brunch items like kimchi scrambled eggs and braised pork ribs in croissant, head on over to Xiao Ya Tou at 6 Duxton Hill to get your fix. Last orders at 3 30pm on weekends.

Xiao Ya Tou
6 Duxton Hill

Operating Hours: 
Mon - Tues: 11am - 11pm
Wed - Thurs: 5pm -11pm
Fri: 11am - 12am
Sat: 9am - 12am
Sun: 9am - 5pm

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