Botanist Islay Dry Gin: makes a splash in Gin Jubilee 2016

Rewind to two months ago where Botanist Gin first made its landing on Singapore shores. Now, Gin Jubilee 2016 is upon us, running from 20 - 26 November across various establishments in Singapore.

Botanist Gin will be making its presence at several events and even mixed into two #ginjubilee2016 local entries hailing from Ah Sam's Cold Drinks Stall and Neon Pigeon. For those of you who aren't aware, 36 bars across Singapore are vying for the title of Singapore's Best Gin & Tonic and all you have to do to cast your vote is to take a picture of the special entry consumed and hash tag it #ginjubilee2016. Participating bars include Smoke & Mirrors, Spago, Tippling Club, Spiffy Dapper, The Other Room, The Horse's Mouth and High Ball amongst many others.

 Looking past its pristine branding, the clear elixir holds several interesting secrets. What most wouldn't know about the Islay Gin is that it is the brainchild of whisky maestros Bruichladdich Hebridean distillers and is the only gin from Islay to date. Layered with 22 hand-foraged botanicals to represent the Islay's natural bounty, the liquid is steeped with hawthorn, elder, creeping thistle, sweet cicely and meadowsweet - all sounding a bit mystical in my opinion. To break it down gently, the London dry gin base has a very prominent juniper flavor, mellowed by soft floral tones quite similar to chamomile. 

In fact, the gin with its burst of citrus flavors across the palate allows for it to act as a blank canvas for intricate cocktail creations. This I first-handedly experience while attending the launch at The Rabbit Hole with cocktails shaken up by Vijay Mudaliar, winner of the Diplomatico World Tournament Singapore final 2015. An avid urban forager in his own right, he even took to harvesting sea cabbage from Geylang in a bid to give his cocktails a local spin.

Those who are more curious about the spirit and would like to discover more hidden secrets are urged to attend the intimate masterclass held at Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall this week, where you'll get to sample his competing Gin Jubilee entry and even mix your own foraged cocktail. Details are as follows.

Once upon an Island
Thursday 24 November
8pm - 9 30pm
Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall

Discover the Botanist Islay Dry Gin, The first and only Islay Gin, as you sample Ah Sam's Gin Jubilee Botanist and TOnic, compare premium juniper spirits in an intimate masterclass, taste delicious avant-garde creations and mix your own foraged cocktail. To claim a spot, RSVP to

Trade and Drinkers by RSVP only SGD 50 per ticket

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