[NEW] Suzette: Esplanade's newest Dessert bar

I hate to say, but I missed the memo about it being an outdoor picnic event. And as much as I despised the heavy smokescreen of humidity there was in the bay area, a well-thought out launch party coupled with gorgeous wicker baskets and flower arrangements pretty much MADE my Saturday.

Suzette, the third venture from the same peeps behind popular Lola's Cafe and On The Table is a seemingly brave attempt at stepping out of its comfort zone (the suburbs and neighbourhoods). Purely dessert in concept, the smallish cafe offers a wide variety of sweets ranging from their signature tarts to a multitude of butter cream cakes on ornate cake stands. 

Along with its selection of desserts, the cafe has rolled out a simple savoury brunch menu which you can select to be stowed away into rented picnic baskets and whisked off to your next venture around the bay area. Champagne, cakes and french toast at Marine Barrage, perhaps?

The French Toast ($16) was immensely satisfying, soaked in maple custard with masala chai bananas and thick cut bacon. This topped with a generous scoop of homemade vanilla bean ice cream made for the perfect treat, especially to someone who often deliberates between salty and sweet.

For something a little heartier, get the Cold Angel Hair Pasta Salad ($18). Dumbfounded by the large piece of sous-vide then seared salmon on the side, this one ticks all the boxes of most health freaks with a palate-teasing combination of pasta dressed in piquant miso sesame sauce. The 63-degree egg coating the strands with a unctuous coating of yellow. Apart from the slightly overcooked salmon, I have no qualms about ordering this again for a picnic affair.

Desserts are mandatory at Suzette, and even as I highly recommend getting their freshly toasted waffles with ice cream; I would also urge you to try some of their other cake offerings such as the Black Sesame Tart with Matcha Cookies Shavings ($6) which tasted like a very refined goma pudding stuffed into a golden brown pastry case. "yum", doesn't even cut it.

Where drinks are concerned, you'll be glad to know that you can find decent coffee around the Esplanade area at Suzette. The experimental Iced White Coffee ($6) carries just the right amount of acidity and robustness to stand up to its milky depths. Also, try the Shaken Ice Tea ($8) -  a sweet blend of Sakura Tea, Passionfruit jelly and strawberry, perfect for beating the sweltering heat. If alcohol is your jam, you'll be elated to know about the group's recent foray into cocktails. Miss Suzette ($16), the single lonely cocktail on the menu is a sign of the potential that lies within the many bartender-wannabes in Suzette. Here, Hendricks Gin meets orange liquer, strawberry and sweet vermouth in perfect ratio, the froth of egg white adhering to the garden party vibes.

The best part about Suzette, it's ridonkulous opening hours. Which means you can get your sweet fix with a stunning view of the bay area even at 10pm and 11pm on some nights. Chew on that!

Congratulations Suzette on the grand opening!

8 Raffles Avenue
Esplanade Mall
t: 96525092

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 3pm - 10 30pm
Sat: 3pm - 11 30pm
Sun: 3pm - 10 30pm

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