Suntory Beer Dinner - Enjoy The Premium Malt's at ADRIFT by David Myers

To announce the introduction of Suntory The Premium Malt to Adrift's great beverage menu, we were honoured to be able to attend a special dinner with food pairing specially curated by Chef David himself. Describing itself as a modern take on the vibrant Izakaya, Suntory beers' fit into the menu is almost seamless; pairing effortlessly with the small plates and meats grilled over bincho tan.

But first, fried chicken. and I must admit that the Crispy Karaage here is truly legit. Best dredged thru the accompanying furikake mayo for an explosion of umami flavors.

When the first course arrived, I picked up the Coastal Farms Tomato Toast gingerly trying to ensure the mound of tomatoes don't come tumbling off the vessel. Then after a very clumsy first bite, set it down again to ruffle through in search of those excellent chunks of herbed goats cheese. This goes down well with a swig of The Premium Malts. The subtly hopped perfumed beer aiding in highlighting the astringent juxtaposition of goats cheese against the refreshing tomatoes.

It's no accident that beer is then paired with a salad. Besides, from a beer lovers point of view, there is no better and more balanced method of consuming your carbohydrates. The Baby Spinach Salad ($15) made more fancy with the inclusion of hon shimeiji mushrooms, roasted hazelnuts and shavings of truffle pecorino.

The highlight of the night emerged when the Brandt Beef Sirloin Steak ($36) was brought to the table. The best part, the spicy herb sauce that formed a intense green blanket over the perfectly cooked steak. The contours of the flavors so precise and rewarding, that diners resort to using the pee wee potatoes to scoop up all the sauces from their plates. The table ate in silent reverence most of the time, taking short breaks to lap up the rich The Premium Malts black which has incurred a smooth rich chocolate note from the double decoction method.

Sweet finale comes in the form of the Chocolate Fritter, Summer Berries and Hazelnut Crumble ($11). Though this sounds a tad simple, the warmth of ginger percolates its structure sealing its fate with the spicy suntory half-and-half it is paired with.

Note that ADRIFT is running a promotion in collaboration with Suntory til February 2017 next year. Every purchase of Suntory's The Premium  Malt's original and black from tap at ADRIFT entitles you to get a plate of chicken yakitori at only $5! Hop on that deal!

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