Arteastiq: Valentine's Day Dinner + Art Jamming special

Well, I may just be a little late to the game. But if you're like me, a non-keeper of deadlines, and if you've got an other half to impress, you would be freaking out by now.

Fret not, here's me presenting to you the best Valentine's day experience I've had the pleasure of encountering last week. And guess what? They still have seats available for tonight's Dinner + Art Jam Special ($188 for 2 pax). So all you stragglers, you're in luck.

First and foremost, set the stage with an elaborate 3 course dinner for the two of you. The Tomato Gazpacho is surprisingly chunky, chock full of brunoise tomatoes, cucumbers and mini salad for a fulfilling bite between nibbles of the garlic crouton. A cold soup perfect for those with a lighter palate. Alternatively, get the Pan-seared Scallops and fellas, please be a gem and donate the plumpest scallop on your plate for brownie points please. Juicy with a thin seared crust all the way around, these are addictive on its own, but more intriguing when swathed through the dollop of chili lime dressing gathered at its foot.

Mains are a choice between Maple Glazed Salmon and Duck Leg Confit. Each holding surprises beyond its gregarious servings. I much prefer the latter, the duck leg, glossy and appealingly slippery on a bed of barley and mushroom risotto, orange espagnole sauce. It is terrific and even more so because of the perfumed unctuous fats well melded with succulent flesh.

The meal concludes with the Deconstructed Red Velvet Cake a exceptionally dramatic dessert, best shared between the two of you, love birds. Cream cheese mousse meets berries, cookie crumbs and a thin shell of chocolate for a cliche but sure-fire win.

Oh, did I mention that there would be wine? Yes, 'coz Arteastiq understands that we all need a little liquid encouragement on days like these.

Then there's the Art Jam that takes place. Where you'll be literally presented with a blank canvas and tasked to paint a picture based on your wildest imagination. Needless to say, when asked to paint whatever first came to mind; I produced a pop-up painting of a (you guessed it) Burger. Having had zero experience with working a brush, much less staying clean during the process, it was a mammoth task getting the both of us warmed up. But as time wore on, the brush gets driven by a need to 'complete the mission'; and the feeling of fulfilment at the end of the session is somewhat heart-warming as it bonded the both of us noobs together over an activity that was quite out of our comfort zone. Definitely recommended for couples who have become perhaps a little too complacent.

To make a reservation for tonight's Dinner + Art Jam special, make sure to call in to 62358370 or 63360951. Seatings begin at 6pm for dinner and 8pm for art-jamming and vice-versa for the second group.

Arteastiq Boutique Tea Lounge
333 Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery

Operating hours:
Daily: 11am - 10pm

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