Moosehead Kitchen & Bar: New Dinner Menu

Fresh faced in the new year, Moosehead brings out the big guns with a line of new dishes bent on challenging the forefronts of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine merger.

Chef Seumas Smith may just be 24 years of age but possess a broad armour of experience from 1-Michelin starred Lords of Manor (UK) and 2-Michelin Starred Dinner by Heston (UK) and Esquina (Singapore) to boot; enough to propel the restaurant forward as a culinary destination worthy of both daily treats and special occasion sessions.

First and foremost, whet your appetite, and I mean really fire up those engines with Moosehead's Tuna tartare with spicy sesame sauce, Grilled Avocado and furikake ($16), a heavy hitter of citrus and spice flavors driven so deeply into the marinated tuna. The dollops of grilled avocado providing relief between heated bites.

Another clever small plate for sharing that I would suggest would be the Fried Artichoke coated with togarashi, house-made ricotta, lemon zest and bottarga shavings ($9). It ain't the prettiest dish in the house, as most other plates are at Moosehead where it's perpetually flavor profile over style anyday. I appreciate the lemon zest in the creamy ricotta that really helped to balance out the starch in that artichoke.

If you're craving something a little more mod-Asian, steer towards the Duck Bao. Tender duck legs brined with herbs, minced, breaded and fried till a tasty morsel. This is served with pickled cucumbers, Thai chili sauce and creme fraiche. Best washed down with a nice crisp glass of pinot gris.

Another guaranteed crowd pleaser is the Burrata, Sweet potato, Thai Basil and Curry Leaves. Despite it's somewhat simple configuration, the details are in the fabric, the crisp curry leaves omitting a familiar scent that deliberately enhances the smoothness and luxurious creamy texture of the burrata. I would advise getting hold of an entire dish for yourself, yes, it's that good.

Moosehead has always been famed for pushing out blackboard specials and tonight, we got a taste of their Grilled Mackerel, Ponzu and Bonito. Again, a dish that doesn't haggle for too much attention but shines through it's perfect execution and tight cooperation of simple flavors.

Fish dishes continue to thread in the limelight with the following main of Grilled baby barramundi with spicy Korean salad. Chef Seumas Smith's affinity for all things spicy quickly becoming more evident as the Korean Salad sends the taste buds into a whirlwind of confusion. In honesty, not the best companion to the slab of excellently grilled barramundi, but definitely granted brownie points for Asian inspiration.

For a little bit of sweet gratification, get the Matcha Parfait, which in my honest opinion was a little too runny for my liking but that hidden stockpile of raspberry coulis at the bottom of the jar really hit the spot. Then there's also the Chocolate Mousse with Salted Caramel and salty caramelized peanuts for something a little more indulgent on the hips.

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