Tin Hill Social: New Brunch Menu

On Sunday mornings, the courtyard of Tin Hill Bistro comes alive. Expats touting 'dad-bods' and nursing their cold pints bask in the sun whilst the pitter-patter of kids footsteps followed by gregarious chains of laughter percolate the crisp air.

Conspicuously lacking in this weekend tableau are flocks of bleary-eyed 20 somethings, $18 plates of fluffy pancakes decked out with edible flowers (of all things) and towering stacks of monstrous milkshakes that serve more of an aesthetic purposes over gratification. Tin Hill Bistro remains a secret of mine, not one for the more fashion-forward, young and moneyed. This is the charm of the establishment, one that's not overlooked by the neighbourhood and its patrons - and that's just fine with me.

Last week, the team rolled out a new brunch menu alongside a more elaborate list of alcoholic beverages and I got first dibs! Not usually one to eat a salad, however the onset of Chinese New Year and its consequential calorie pile-up can be a huge motivator. *gulps* The Tin Hill Caesar ($17.50) is where butterhead lettuce meets coddled hen's egg, anchovy dressing, grana padano and hay smoked salmon for a little bit of day-time gratification. It's familiar, it's fresh and it's downright delicious.

Next, I tackled the Brioche French Toast ($17) situation. Apart from the mini mishap that I mis-read the ominous word 'bananas' in the description and was left to deal with my innate fear of the yellow starch bomb. Tin Hill's rendition is strangely comforting. Caramelised banana and maple infused labneh convene for a tinge of salty creaminess juxtaposition. Toasted hazelnuts and fresh mint join in the equation. I would have preferred the toast to be a bit thicker, so that the adjacency of the custard centres and golden brown crisp edges is amplified. But that being said, this comforting stack will have me returning back methodically. Bacon, perhaps would be a welcome addition.

If you're going to cave in to the carbs, might as well do it in fashion. The Fresh Tagliatelle ($25) combines little neck clams, garlic, white wine, squid ink, cherry tomatoes, basil, bakers crumb and lemon zest for a spot of sunshine. You'll come to appreciate the fresh strands with no clumping nor undercooked starch present. Flavors are balanced to a T and despite the simplicity of the dish, this is one you'll finish enthusiastically ending with a black-toothed smile.

Tin Hill Bistro's new brunch menu is served every Sunday from 12 noon onwards. And wait.. I hear there will be roast beef as well!

Make your reservation at 6466 0966 and make sure to pre-order your Sunday Roast for a belly-busting feast.

Tin Hill Social
100 Turf Club Road
t: 6466 0966
w: www.tinhillsocial.com

Operating Hours:
Tues - Fri: 10am - 12am
Sat - Sun: 10am - 12am
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