WTF (We Talk Food): let's talk Barachirashi Don

I too, honestly, cannot wrap my mind around the establishment's name. WTF easily becoming the butt of all jokes. But name aside, WTF does one of the most legit and comfortably priced Chirashidon bowls you can find in this part of town. Barachirashi Don ($18.90) served in a wooden bowl is a treasure trove of ingredients with everything from scallops to ikura, amaebi, tuna, scallops tossed in a scrumptious soya dressing over rice.

The joint is simple, down-to-earth and awfully souless if I might add. The al-fresco area charming those tipple-lovers looking for a little peace and quiet while willing to endure the distressing heat; whereas the humdrum indoor seating area is monotonous but offers a plain view of the kitchen augmented by roaring burst of gas for flames. If you're looking for a place to impress your date, this is not one of them. Instead, visit when the hunger pangs hit and you've exhausted all other choices in the region.

Despite the casual sentiments of WTF, the food doesn't suffer. However, this doesn't apply for all the dishes. The "Wok Hei" Seafood Agliio Olio ($15.90) is a serviceable attempt, scorched just to the perfect extent on every strand. It encounters an ill-fate on the review front because of the meagre servings of seafood that doesn't quite cut it's price tag.

Another rallying point that I think is missing in focus is the Chicken Nanban ($14.90), this rendition strays away from authenticity mainly because the soaking of sweet and sour nanban is non-existant. All in all, it works if you're just craving for a good kaarage chicken topped with a landslide of delicious tartar sauce.

Visit for their barachirashidon which proves to be stalwart figure on the restaurant's menu. Then again, the teles which screen live sports from time to time are another valid reason to patronise the joint. That and their late kitchen operating hours, of course.

WTF Coffee House and Bar
Innotel Hotel
11 Penang Lane
t: 6545 4818

Operating Hours:
Daily: 7am - 12am

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