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Food Review I: Brown Sugar Cafe and Bistro
hearing the name of the eatery resonating in your throat already sends a tinge of delightful shivers down my spine. There is something about brown sugar.. its simplicity and yet richness of flavor that intrigues me. And so does this eatery situated in a lovely little corner of stardus clubhouse along river valley road bear a vague resemblence to the contradictory complexity of its name.

With two birthdays on hand, both falling on the same day ( f.y.i. my mum and auntie are identical twins); we had the privilege of trying out two resturants which I was given the honor of selecting. I decided to go ahead with Brown Sugar cafe and bistro. Number one, because I have yet to try it, number two, I WANTED to try it. So ...*tink*.. there goes the green light for me!

Reservations were made way way way ahead to prevent any disappointments and not to mention a whole lot of scolding if I had failed my task (which was to make the bookings of course).

And so that weekend, with a lot of baking orders on hand, my family and I together with my auntie and Trevor came together to Brown Sugar and Bistro with nothing but a whole lot of expectations...

The food was served at comfortable pace.. each course displaying a multitude of flavors and creative pairing of ingredients. Plating was superbly done as well; each dish being layout in a most appetising way. For starters, the soft shell crab with caesar salad was a sure winner; the generous portion of crisp soft shell crab giving texture to the whole dish. Home-made croutons.. i couldn't say no to that as well. I on the other hand had the resturant's famous deconstructed green apple salad with brie, toasted walnuts, argula and balsamic vinegar dressing (if i remember correctly). It was awesome.. with the brie obviously stealing the show. My aunt evidently enjoyed her warm goat cheese tart with salad on the side; with the potent melted goat cheese flowing out of the filo pastry shell, it was no wonder that she would take an instant liking to it.

left: Soft Shell Crab Ceasar Salad; Right: Wagyu Beef Burger with Foie Gras

Main courses were soon served. With a good spread of dishes ordered by the family including Oven roasted lamb rack, Wagyu Beef burger with Foie Gras, Organic Mushroom Linguine in cream Sauce and Parma Ham, Slow Roasted Pork Belly and Tenderloin Steak. If you ask me, the real winners were the Slow roasted Pork Belly and the Oven roasted lamb; despite Brown Sugar's claim to fame for their wagyu beef burger and mushroom linguine. But then again, its coming from a bias source. Someone who doesn't like beef? BAH.. don't count on it.

The night's culinary affair bumped on. With every course building up the pleasure senses to the max and reaching a crescendo at desserts. If you guys must have your sweet stuff. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do come to Brown Sugar for their desserts. soooo GOOD! We shared the Sticky Date Pudding soaked in caramel sauce served with a sprinkling of walnuts and a good scoop of gourmet vanilla bean icecream on top, Tarte tartin of pears that is paired off with a generous scoop of honey and fig ice-cream, and finally a molten chocolate cake also served with a scoop of vanilla icecream. These were excellent! with the front two hogging the limelight. The ice-cream on its alone is able to stand up in battle against Goliath! I'm definitely going back for more next time. And to tell you a secret.. the set lunch menu comprising of 3 courses is only $27 a set!!! now that's a steal!

Brown Sugar Cafe Bistro

Address: 277 River Valley Road
#01-04 Stardus Clubhouse
Tel: 6333 6612
Website: Brown Sugar

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