Estelle's Disneyland Party

Estelle's Disneyland Fiesta

And as I mentioned in a previous post, I came to attend a friend's party and even gathered the honor of being able to bake her 21st Birthday cake. *woots*. Plus there were the honorory mentions at the end. hehe. But still, given the birthday girl's large exposure to good food and excellent dining experiences (fyi. she writes for the nanyang chronicles), she was indeed one tough nut to crack. Having several expectations and need for the surprise element when it came to cake flavor and design. Well, just another day at work for me then...

So voila.. before I launch into a full episode about the whereabouts of the party.. here's the Cake I baked. Ivoire Lavender as i call it, it comprises of a 4 layered, 2 tiered cake made of lavender white chocolate whisper cake layers sandwiching the most delicate lemon swiss meringue buttercream and christened with a shadow of white ganache. Topped by a few sprigs of iced butterfly cookies (due to the bdae's girls fondness of butterflies) and line after line of colored white ganache.. a sweet delectable eye-candy of a cake popped out. And for once, I was satisfied with my creation...

the party was held in the function room of her condo. It was a little strange given that the room was stashed away on the second floor of the clubhouse rather than the ground floor. But still, the air of excitement and not to mention.. youth was floating throughout. From the vibrant rose petals gracing the steps as we made out entrance to the colorful banners that stretched across the ceiling. Every detail in this party was well thought about and executed. It left the few guests feeling warm and welcomed.

Food was catered in and named special names according to tales from Disneyland such as the Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti and Meatballs, etc.. And to make matters more interesting. Guests were dressed up to the nines in their disneyland themed costumes. Such as the likes of Jasmine, Aladdin, Abu the monkey, Stitch, Princess Fiona in Shrek, Snow White, Belle, Pinochio... It was terrible fun seeing everyone parading in the room with their custumes and assumed personas. But not so fun when you're seriously undressed and slightly scruffy from the baking class you attended just awhile ago... argh.. if only i had known.. i would have erm.. probably throw on a fresh blouse or something... hehe.

Lollipop Cookies that i baked as door gifts for the guests...

Next up, the games preceeded with it being led by a lady in a blue suit.. wait a minute.. *rubbing eyes*.. isn't that stitch?! yesh.. apparently the games commentator was Estelle's friend.. a very amiable girl dressed in a uber thick Stitch suit.. i reckon she must have sweated off a bucket just clambering into the bodysuit. But then again, that is besides the point! Kudos to the team behind the games, thanks for bringing the crowd some entertainment! and i apologise for my very shallow knowledge regarding disney facts..

and then finally.. the cake cutting ceremony begins.. of course headed by an unslew of thank you speeches and award presentations to the party's best dressed. Most furry character anyone?!

so with a darkening of the lights overhead and the lighting of dazzling candles on the cake... it was like magic. the procedure that would otherwise seem so mundane.. enhanced by the presence of so many beautiful people.. supportive in spirit.

When the cake was finally sawed thru with gusto by the fair maiden... i gawked.

' has purple layers!', I said.

Now if you think clearly.. that is a rather silly remark coming from the baker of the cake. In fact.. it invited an amountable number of stares from people nearby.. *woops*.. Like what?! I'm just amazed that's all. To me, the cake spelt success.. with a smooth layering and a slight lilac tint to the floral scented cake; it was just bewildering. Apparently the hostess thought it was tad sweet but then again she commented that it was lovely to look at. A consolation for me despite feeling a bit sore. The ingredients and frostings were chosen on the basis that they would and should survive the sweltering heat.. and they did! *yipee*

okay.. so enough about cake talk. Here's a group photo of Estelle and her beloved friends.. Just adore all the costumes featured.

I would like to thank the dear birthday girl for inviting me to the party and even more so for allowing me to bake her 21st Birthday Cake... one of the rare occasions i get invited to a party for which i baked for.. Kinda reminds me of how I got to know Evangeline last time.. But that's a whole different story...We'll leave that to next time.

Now its time to catch some sleep... *yawnz*

This cake is also my entry to Layers of Cake organised by Laurie of Quirky Cupcake. Layered cakes rule!!! Please refer to her site if you wanna take part in this awesome event!


SweetBites said...

Hi, a nice blog with interesting posts. Ur Ivoire Lavender cake sounds unique and I'm sure it must be tasty. The door gifts looks so pretty. Wish I had been there...sigh.

Farhan said...

Hi Sihan,

U have a gorgeous blog, I've been having a good time looking around.

I was wondering, could u keep the cookies crisp wrapped like that? The biggest complaint I have about the weather here is that they make my crispiest cookies soggy in an instant if I don't bottle them real tight.

SiHaN said...

sweetbites: thanks girl for dropping by and your lovely comments. anyway, I'm sure you could have as fab a party as that if you wanted!

farhan: You're too kind.. with regards the cookies. Erm.. they weren't reallie able to stay as crisp as they were from the oven. but i guess the recipe worked with the cookies a little softer as well. So it wasn't too bad. Yeh spore weather is horrible. Makes keeping you baked goods a horrid task altogether.