uncanny feeling

Uncanny feeling

The week held on with more than just a rough draught for me. To those who have noticed or perhaps misunderstood my absence in many occasions. I apologise for my disappearing act. Just need to get some things together. Meanwhile, I've been busy with a few projects of mine. Lovely little baking orders. Standing perched against the counter top peering into the oven, the searing heat casting an after glow on my face.
Even more so, I find it hard to concentrate on other things apart from my clustered baking world. As tiny and miniscule as it is, it keeps me afloat. And who doesn't need a little help from a floatation device sometimes?

Teachers' Day orders were particularly fun... took a bit of extra effort to personalise the boxes. To leave an ink mark for advertising sake since i figured out that since the individual cakes were going off to totally different pple. It would definitely help in publicity. The sweetest thing was hearing the awfully nice comments from a little boy whom it was ordered for. That set a smile on my face the entire day.
Other things include my latest craze about mooncakes including a huge splurge on mooncake ingredients in order to embark on my bout of mooncake making. i was thinking orange poppy seeds snowskin with white lotus fillings. What say you?

Last of all, a special mention to the ADM design team for creating such an awesome site for the annual dinner and dance to be held at butter factory. I'm mentioned by the way as I will be catering for this lovely event. Thank you guys for the opportunity!
I can forsee its gonna be a hell of a September for me...

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