Where do I go from here?

Where do I go from here?

just a mental note to myself,
since I rarely have an occasion where I have much thoughts to narrate. fyi, i'm not a empty vessel full of cake notions and nothing but saccharine output..I do have times where thoughts overwhelm me. Yet some of do still surround the reality that I am. One that i live in oblivion and negligance, a wanting to shove away.

Recently, I have been caught up with a bunch of business. Mostly concerning the oven of course. Baking for orders, birthdays and gatherings. Tried out a few new recipes.. tiramisu au vert (green tea) topped with Rich chocolate mousse; and a mango lime cake (light vanilla genoise laced with coconut rum, heavenly lime meringue buttercream and lucious mango curd). The second met with a minor mishap along the way for the party though and i ended up not dishing it up. It wasn't a pretty sight after that bumpy car ride. Trust me...

But still the prospects of upcoming business deals looms ahead. I look forward to them.. Dinner and dance events (catering to 100+ pple seems a little daunting), tea receptions and a few birthdays All the orders, and the expectations that follow closely behind can sometimes throw me off my tracks a little. Have to constantly remind myself that still interest and passion should be my drive. Been harboring many thoughts about my future lately.. they seem a little blurred.

on the hindsight, school has resumed. The first week of school was a tad nostalgic. Still not used to the notion of sitting in lectures after a half year plus of being absent from school. But still the reality of the situation stays the same, what awaits me is my final year of university life. All hands on deck! Dark, threatening clouds are gathering up ahead. Perhaps its time to pray for a little clear skies...

I'm gonna need all the help that I can get.

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