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Was browsing through the newspapers this morning while chomping down my breakfast of honey almond clusters cereal. Not exactly a glamorous scene given that I was in pyjames, hair all over the place and a white bowl clutched in my hand as I shoved a spoonful of the yummy morsels into my mouth. *crunch*...

Guess what I saw that stole my interest completely? nono, it ain't from the political section nor the finance part of the paper. But it was a blown up article about 1-1 deals specially for DBS cardholders. well, with nimble eyes i scanned the list quickly. 'Lawrys', check! 'Big O', Check! 'Cafebiz', check!'... 'Friends @ Chomp Chomp', CHECK!!! oh my gosh.. my big break! 1-1 set lunches/ dinners and on top of that 1-1 housepours/ beer? How could resist such a deal. With that i called up babe to tell him about a last minute plan for tonights dinner that i had conjured up in my head. All the while, dreaming about the spread of food that await me tonight.

So here's a food review on Friends @ Chomp Chomp. And as mentioned earlier. I scored the 1-1 deal for set dinners using my DBS credit card. (so all those holding the card, pls consider making a trip there!) . The set dinner comprised of 3 courses and a tea/coffee to end off the meal. With the usual price at $39.00 (sans the extra charges), I was expecting a quality meal with rather large proportions to boot.

and my selections follow: (sorry about the poor photography as the restaurant was really dark! Guess they sorta like the romantic feel with all the lit candles and rather dim lighting. Yikes)


The smoked duck salad was to die for! I love the stewed green apples on the plate as they added a rich and heavier feel to the entire dish. The duck breast were flavorful, smoky and wonderfully addictive. Wish i had more! Next up, the Coq Au Vin. I loved this dish as well as the red wine stew was hearty and beautifully rich with flavor and aroma. The chicken was tender to the bone and the mashed potatos were creamy and matched my ideal consistency. I was taken by this dish. The desserts on the hand were less spectacular then those promised on the menu. Apparently the warm apple tart and chocolate mousse cake with pistachio cream were off the menu that day. DARN!!! i was so looking forward to licking that pistachio cream off the plate! oh well.. at least the accompanying coffee was of a certain standard.

Overall, the dishes were of miniscule sizes and my dining companion, my dearest babe complained that it was too little. I couldn't agree more though i was filled up nicely. Given the heavy price tag of (U.P $39) set dinners. I was expecting a little heartier a serving. *cold water splashes down my back* Oh well, point of consolation. At least the service was good.. food was served up at a consistent rate. And the wine.. 1-1? now that just fabulous (said with a gayfied drone) isn't it?

Friends @ Chomp Chomp

1 Maju Avenue #01-01A

Serangoon Garden Village

Tel: 62892600

Website: friendsfoodandwine

On a side note, here's my favourite Mariah Carey song of the moment. I know its really old, but I just love her lower register in this piece. Perfect song to walk down the aisle with...

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Vicki said...

Woah, 1-1, what great deals!:)

when is our cake expedition? :D