Basket Case

Hey folks,

let me tell you more about my yesterday. So I did fulfill one of my long time dreams... yes I caught Sara Bareilles live in concert. And boy was I blown away... she's just so much better live than recorded. Well, I do have the acoustics within the concert hall had a part to play in this AMAZING performance (yes, I was quite amused by her lack of a better word during the prelude to the concert). One thing that enhanced the entire experience was her lovely personality and bubbly jovial self while interacting with the audience. When the sweet words "some people should just mind their fucking business" escaped her lips, the crowd went ballistic ! This was followed by a terrific rendition of 'King of Anything', where the audience participated by crooning on top of their lungs.

You would then ask why do I have an affiliation to Sara'a music? Well, the answer is simple, in 2006, when the song, 'gravity' was released, I took to the song with incredible emotive attraction; probably because I was dealing with an extremely bad relationship there and then. The words that flowed so painfully from her powerful lungs reached out to my wretched soul, soothing the cracks. At least there was someone out there who understood my woes, feel my agony. From that point on, I had recognized Sara Bareilles as an talented song writer and gifted artiste; purchased her album and literally took to reading all the lyrics of her song, developing a deeper understanding for her expressive yet bemusing teasing of words. Somehow or another, I could relate to all her songs, developing a relationship with a different song each time my life reached a crossroad. Some of my favorite songs include 'Love on the Rocks','Between the Lines', 'Basket Case' and 'Say you're sorry'.

And watching her in concert yesterday was certainly an unearthly experience. After a tear-worthy rendition of 'basket case', she followed it with a last act of 'gravity' (extremely wise move). And as I left the darkness of the concert hall into the light, her soulful voice reverberates through my head... somehow or another, I had attained a state of liberty, a mind at peace.

I love you Sara Bareilles.

I don't want to talk about it to you
I'm not an open book that you can rifle through
The cold hard truth that you'll see right to
I'm just basket case without you

He's not a magic man or a perfect fit
But had a steady hand and I got used to it
And a glass cage heart and invited me in
And now I'm just a basket case without him

You're begging for the truth
So I'm saying it to you
I've been saving your place
And what good does it do?
Now I'm just a basket case
Now I'm just a basket case

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