The Lawn: Eat and Love your Greens

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The very sinful period of guilt-laden Chinese New Year feasting has just passed us, let's talk healthy. Greens in particular since vegetables contain vitamins that act as antioxidants, which protect body cells from environmental damage that can lead to cancer and other health problems.

Pardon me if I start to sound like something out of a health education textbook. But I speak with conviction on the case.

And what better way to enjoy your greens then with the accompaniment of tantalising grilled meats? Here at the Lawn, you can be sure that the wide variety are all top notch.

My experience at The Lawn was one that got off to a bad foot. But don't you worry, the recovery was a huge turn over. Stepping into the 'cool' vicinity of the restaurant; or so we hoped, we were hit by a ton of Bricks. No, I kid you not. After navigating an uphill route from the nearest MRT station Buona Vista, the two unsuspecting victims were breaking a sweat. To our dismay, what greeted us was a pretty sight (artfully decorated room with patches of astro turf and strategically placed negative spaces) albeit a poorly ventilated area that reeked of heavy smoke possessed with the smell of barbecued meats fresh off the grill. True to the concept tying the love of Americans for barbies in their backyards and healthy salads; The Lawn presents a fairly fresh and novel concept of mix-and-match salads highlighting the essence of good grilled proteins. Given that I was an obsessive carnivore in all rights, I was easily sold on this idea.

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After placing our orders at the counter, following a very well documented process on the boards over head. We retired outside to the outdoor seating area which apparently was a ton more comfortable due to the wind tunnel like structure of the atrium. *shrugs*

Price wise, you get 1 grill 5 toppings dressing with mesclun salad for $9.90. A real bargain if you ask me, an ideal further reinstated once you eye the large bowls these salads are served in.

Choices of protein range from the grilled chicken breast with maple infusion, MOJO chicken (the latest addition to the family, very heavy in Indian spices), char grilled prawns, herbed pacific dory, Balsamico fresh asparagus and eggplant (for the vegetarians!) and the more premium options of black pepper duck, Ben's beef rub and Portobello Mushrooms. With an additional 7 dressings to choose from, we were guaranteed spoilt for choice. Needless to say, the permutations and combinations were countless, so apparently dining there everyday won't be a boring affair.

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My choice: Chargrilled garlic prawns + sunflower seeds + Cashew Nuts + Sweet Corn + Bell peppers + Boiled Egg + Onion + Tomato + Red Island Sauce

The Verdict: Adored the garlic prawns, these were literally fresh and bouncy. The Red Island sauce was a a fusion of Mayonnaise and Tomato sauce, a good combination of creamy and tanginess hence working well with the other ingredients. With regards to the spread of toppings, what I loved most was the addition of tomatoes that threw in the juicy factor with a sour element for good measure.

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His choice: Ben's beef rub + Herbed Dory + Cashews + Walnuts + Cheddar Cheese + Black Olives + Onion + Bell Peppers + Me So Spicy sauce

The Verdict (from the boyfriend): the dory was well seasoned and cooked to perfection, flaking off nicely with the gentle prodding of the fork. The beef was also well executed, in most cases, still pink in the middle. The Me so spicy spice adding a lovely touch of heat to the refreshing mix of greens.

With so many expatriates visiting the salad bar; the owners can't help but incorporate some sauces that would appeal more to the Caucasian taste buds; these include the honeyball, citrus dressing and maple peanut. Note to self (and other people of similar taste), steer clear of these, I would highly recommend the Perky sesame ginger as well as the Me So Spicy sauces as the best compliments to the grilled meats.

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The herbed chicken breasts that defied the odds with its miraculously tender and juicy innards. This shall be my order the next time round.

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In view of it all, The Lawn offers a very wholesome dining affair for those seeking for a healthier option that's still off the beaten track. No boring Caesar salad or Salad Niçoise here. Instead indulge in a DEEP bowl of tasty goodness, a concoction of greens that you can truly call your own. For those intending a weekend getaway, do consider dropping by as the Lawn now opens on Sundays for lunch!

A major thanks going out to Jonathan, the happy-go-lucky owner of The Lawn for the invitation.

The Lawn Grill & Salad Café
31 Biopolis Way,
Nanos #01-07,
Singapore 138669

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