Pasta Brava: stick with it

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Dining in Pasta Brave, you would half expect an Italian Mafia to storm out from the depths of the hidden rooms beyond the walls, Tommy guns in hand, creating a din. Yes, Pasta Brava does carry a truly authentic Italian family diner atmosphere. Albeit a bit old fashioned but charming in its own rights.

We ravelled the night with two starter dishes, the Sformato di melanzane alla parmigiana (I hope I got that right) ($15) - oven glazed slices of egg plant with tomato sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella and the Bruschetta al pomodoro e bascillico ($6). The former dish, I got to try since I wasn't that big on Bruschetta; it was lovely with tender eggplant smothered in a fresh layer of cheese and homemade tangy tomato sauce; admittedly a bit pricey for it's portion but still a great way to kick start the evening. The glass of house wine joined in the party shortly after. Don't judge. I can't resist.

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Moving on, our choice of entrees sure filled us to the brim. Pappardella al ragu d'anatra con funghi ($23) - pappardella with ragout of duckling and mushrooms and his Filetto di manzo al Gorgonzola ($31) - pan fried beef tenderloin flavoured with white wine, green peppercorn and mozzarella. Having tried the pappardella dish before, it sure maintained its' standards, delicious shreds of slow-cooked duck draped in a rich tomato sauce punctured with the earthiness of braised mushrooms. I did and always will love this dish. The beef tenderloin was pounded and cooked to perfection, and that cheese infused sauce with green peppercorns..magnifico.

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All in all, Pasta Brava Italian Restaurant offers a safe and GOOD option for those seeking an Italian treat. With a steady following and a long standing history of placement in the area, Pasta Brava does have a proud reputation; so remember to make your reservations should you be intending to visit!

Pasta Brava
11 Craig Road Singapore
Tel: +65 6227 7550

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