The Ascot: Cures for a hangover

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It's the long weekend, parties and copious amounts of drinking seems inevitable to most.

Suffering from a hangover? Hydrate first and then follow a couple of recommended moves from the honeycombers blog. As for me, here's what I suggest... drink some more, and you'll actually trick your body into thinking it's narrowly escaped a hangover despite the stellar action the night before. Over at The Ascot @ The Grandstand, that's exactly what I did over the past weekend. Here's a toast to deluded quick exits from the realm of bad hangovers.

The Ascot is the newest kid on the block over at the Grandstand, opening its doors to the public mid way through February this year. Decked out in clean swept varnished floors and rustic furnishings, things have been kept simple and almost barren to mimic the unique English pub experience. I reckon that bit more empty standing space should serve its purpose with rowdy and extremely drunk English gentlemen to stagger around without breaking anything valuable in close vicinity. Owner, Sylvester, touted to always be decked out in his fedora hat stands behind the bar counter, looking extremely at ease amidst the slowly growing volume of customers packing the dining room, all in time for weekend lunch. After a quick chat, he steered me towards Badger's England's Own beer, perhaps it was the peculiar head-spinning motion, but I was easily sold on the notion that MORE beer would do me better after a hard nights' worth of drinking. One sip and the sentiment was set in stone, floral, with nuances of elderflower and white grape, this went down smoothly, easing me furthermore into the sinful weekend. With an enthusiastic reaffirmation of his choice, Sylvester turned to me with somewhat of a triumphant smirk and chugged the remaining golden elixir in his chilled pint. Boy was I not surprised.

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the view from the bar-counters where we plonked ourselves quietly in anticipation for our meal. Apparently, not too many people settle on the high stools but I do think the communal settings encourage a bit more interaction, something quintessential to an English pub. This was clearly evident given our mini-conversations with the father and daughter team at the end of the bar and the two blokes who marveled at the sight of the Yorkshire pudding when it got served

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Back to the food, we had the Sunday Roast ($28.00) and A Bunch of Bangers ($20.00). The former was sure a sight for sore eyes and my stomach growled in envious contention. The immaculately glazed ribs were the star of the dish, fall of the bone and extremely rich in flavor, this went down perfectly well with the Yorkshire pudding. The latter dish, my dish, or Bangers and mash was a considerably above average version, comprising of 3 different sausages, namely veal, pork and Garlic and thyme, these were salty, yes, but oh-so-good for that indulging in hand with a cold pint of beer. The pool of onion gravy that had gathered beneath, melded perfectly with the perfumed mash (perfect texture in my opinion) and the glorious bubble and squeak served on the side. I'm not too ashamed to say that I lapped up all that brown goodness with the help of a hefty knife and a healthy appetite.

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Perhaps it was just me and my spot-on cravings for pub grub that very day but in all honesty, I'm sold. The Ascot stealing my heart and unearthing some very raw genuine affection. Scoring highly on my cards for it's traditional British cuisine served in a unpretentious and warm environment, I would certainly be back for more.

The Ascot
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287994
Tel: +65 64620881


Derrick Tan said...

I like your hangover tip, drink more to trick your body! Love the food and ambience at The Ascot.

SiHaN said...

Hi Derrick! yeh, that way your body will never know its suffering a hangover... continous state of drunkedness. haha. I do too. good place to just chill out with friends and family.