Cocotte: Snail-paced Rustic French in Little India

I was greeted with the puffy-faced, glossy eyed stare of a man who had just spent the last 5 minutes of his time trapped in a bathroom, the tussle for life taking a toil on his ruptured oesophagus. The culprit to his misery, a measly fish bone that had somehow weaselled its way into his food and lodged itself deep in there. I looked on helplessly and dragged my fork through the mustard sauce, pausing to pass a comment in a bid to shed some calming effect. (Don't judge, I eat when I'm stressed *sheepish grin*). 

After chewing on a slippery banana (offered so kindly by the worrisome staff) and several gulps of water later, the worse had come to pass and my partner resumed eating at a frenetic pace, an action spurred on by the tardiness of the food. Our orders of seabass and roast pork collar taking a solid 45 minutes after ordering to arrive at the table. Was it worth the wait you might ask?

The Whole roasted Seabass ($46) with tomatoes provencal, basil aioli and crispy quinoa offered a decent medley of flavours on the plate with the smudges of pesto and spicy tomato lifting the dish. While the kitchen maintains a tight focus on the done-ness on the fish, nailing it to 'perfection' with it's slightly charred crisp skin and mellow flesh; a lot more seasoning was called for. Thank goodness for the bed of spicy crisp quinoa that provided a good textural relief. 

The other dish that came '├žomplimentary' credits to the Entertainer App was the one that caught my undivided attention, the Roast Pork Collar ($34 for S and $60 for M). The combination of Australian free range pork collar slow cooked with creamy mustard sauce was just subliminal. It greets you at the threshold, the faint aroma of toasted almond flakes activating a section in my brain that sends me digging relentless at the crisp flakes with spoonfuls of rich salty gravy. Not to mention the pork collar that has been roasted to submission, peeling off its tough exterior in exchange for bewitching supple flesh. I mopped up everything with gusto and wished hard for a magical top-up to appear. None of that happened eventually, but I'm sure we'll be back for a repeat visit. Probably dinner the next time round, since the menu offers a wider selection of ala-carte items to chose from.


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2 Dickson Road
t: 6298 1188

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 12pm - 2 30pm, 6 30pm - 10 30pm
Fri - Sun: 12pm - 3pm, 6 30pm - 11 00pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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