Overeasy: What's your Burgernality?

All hope is not lost in the world, and contrary to popular belief,  there is still such a thing as a free meal and you're looking right at it!

Complete the quiz over at this address , do a quick share on your facebook page and claim your free burger at Overeasy!

Thanks to his skinny jeans fetish, the partner got his due present, the Famous Beef Sliders ($16). Perfectly bite size morsels of surprisingly soft buttery mini buns encasing silvers of grilled beef steak in between, with an ethereal dollop of cheese sauce. I had some issues with the bread to filling ratio, but that's a diminutive issue that I quickly dismissed especially with such a great deal at bay!

As for me, of course I muscled in on the Big Blue Burger ($26)! The burger is kept simple, with just smears of chunky Kikorangi Blue cheese (of Kiwi origins) on the pillowy soft buns that don't crowd your palate, allowing it to fully bathe in the glory that is the explosion of natural sweet beefy juices from the wagyu chuck blend patties when you chomp down. The sear on the medium rare patty was perfect, contributing a slight charred flavor in contrast to the delicately saccharine sauteed onions. My only gripe would be the lukewarm haystack fries which I had came to love after my previous visit; these were hard and underwhelming at most times. 

Well, you can't get everything right with zero budget, can you?

pssttt...promotion only lasts till this Saturday 29th November, so do get a move on it!

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