Skyve Wine Bistro & Bar: Hidden Gem

Skyve wine bistro & bar was my destination choice for dinner after being arrowed the mammoth task of choosing a venue for our long awaited family gathering. With the rather lacklustre District 10 taking tenancy of the same spot before Skyve, I made the mental preparation to face the mediocrity of the food I was about to dig into, as if in sync with the mundane and somewhat accusational talk from the parents.  

Skyve Wine Bar & Bistro sports a rather cliched look, low sofa seats strewed across the dimly lit room highlighted by incandescent spot lights that puncture the cold muted air. Pardon my antagonism, but conversations with the apprehensive mother just leaves me in shambles.

However, Skyve's food proved to be a diamond in the rough, shedding some light on the sombre atmosphere. The Herb dredged Calamari ($14) takes on newfangled flavors with its togarashi coating and a side serving of ancho malt aioli. Sure, there's no debate as to whether this is the better calamari in comparison with Hurricane Grills'; freshness issues being a big disadvantage, but points go to Skyve for attempting the novel. The malt vinegar in the aioli evoking memories of fish and chips in brown paper eaten on the sidewalk, the ancho paste busting out sea savouriness that heightens the dish.

My brother declares the Truffle and Thyme Fries ($12) to be better than the faddish rendition over at P.S cafe and that says a lot. For me, it is not jaw dropping but nonetheless clever techniques have reaped golden crisp fries with fluffy innards. And that remained, all the way through to the bottom of the basket. Kudos. The usage of truffle oil, restrained with a wise hand and a shower of grando padano over the top completing the picture perfect dish.

More commendable are the mains. The Confit of Duck Leg ($36) presents a study of textures against a background of sweet smooth pumpkin puree. The skin shatters with an inaudible crunch that causes food envy with every bite. Not to be missed is the Spicy Kalbi Beef Short Ribs ($36) that succeeded in pleasing the nit-picking taste buds of the folks at the table. Employing the sous vide method of cooking, the meat was meltingly succulent, the sticky kalbi glaze reminiscent of Korean barbecue flavors, injects a subtle note of heat into the mixture that grows on you exponentially.

And just like watching a circus act, you're waiting for the clown to come in and maybe slip on a banana peel, sending shots of awkward laughter to bring the show to a close. As sadistic as it sounds, we ordered desserts with a strong conviction that the kitchen was bound to trip up somewhere after such a flawless service. 

Boy were we wrong...

The Snickers Bar ($12) with its provocative plating and even more magnetic flavors almost conjured up fist fights over the table. Layers of salted caramel pudding, peanut butter, chocolate ganache and a dainty band of crunchy feuilletine teases the eyes with its meticulous nature. The flavors melding perfectly with the caramelized banana and vanilla gelato - not the largest scoop I've had but it would suffice. Definitely one of the best restaurant desserts I've had this year.

Skyve Wine Bar and Bistro ain't exactly the talk of the town but with such a consistent performance on the food aspect and not dismissing the attentive and sometimes over-gregarious service, it is a food mecca worthy of special occasions and repeated visits.


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Skyve Wine Bistro & Bar
10 Winstedt Road
Blk E, #01-17
S(227 977)
t: 6225 6690

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thurs 10am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 10am - 1am


dairycream ng said...

I would have missed the "BEST RESTAURANT DESSERT" if i hadn't read this post. Aha...looks like I better start making some deep fried snickers or mars to stop myself from dreaming abt this now :P

SiHaN said...

Yeh it really was rather impressive!! Given tt we had no expectations whatsoever. Anyway see u tonight babe!

Unknown said...

Eh... when did ancho paste become 'sea savoury'? Unless you are too lazy to spell anchovy. Well in that case stop blogging. Please.

SiHaN said...

I was just trying to give a correct representation of what I saw on the menu: but yes I do agree that I get lazy sometimes... That doesn't mean I have the intention to stop blogging altogether.

Unknown said...

I suppose you'll be too lazy to have that intention. Besides go look up what's ancho paste.

SiHaN said...

Oh gosh... You're right. It's ancho chili! Silly me. I tasted something salty almost with the piquancy of anchovies in there and just assumed. My bad!