Roosevelt's Diner & Bar: Revisited

In Singapore's ever-changing culinary landscape, I rarely find myself making revisits to a single establishment much. Yet Roosevelt's with its strong showing has always won my biased favours... (Check out my first review). A stalwart among the few southern type American cuisine specialists in Singapore, this humble cafe/restaurant joint is dedicated to producing the finest burgers, southern fried chicken and baby back ribs that ever paraded the local scene. And without much ado, I announce my strong approval on this very successful movement.

Last weekend, the girlfriend and I headed in to satisfy my cravings. We eased into the meal with the big guns. The Southern Fried Chicken ($18) and the BBQ Baby Back ribs ($22) both delivered its promised punch, amplified by a liberal use of spice and sound cooking techniques. The chicken tanned and crispy, goes beyond the usual fried chicken with its' tight crumb that adheres with fond attachment to the succulent flesh. The triple mash of potato, pumpkin and sweet potato refusing to play second fiddle to the elephant on the dish, left me smitten and in denial of my diet attempts. The baby back ribs was a hearty course, fall-of-the-bone ribs slathered in the all important barbecue sauce and enlivened by a small mound of roasted corn salsa. This plump rack was good for sharing and though I admit to being quite cynical about this dish before it's arrival, I was more than happy diner at the end of the meal, expounding its ambrosial notes to all.

Of course, a trip to Roosevelt's wouldn't be complete without their signature waffle. Salted caramel waffles with crushed candied cashew nuts ($12) was our choice, and I dare say, a mighty fine one too. After all the savouries, we craved something sweet, and the waffle with its' crusty squares waiting to be smeared with ice cream and dredged in salted caramel sauce filled the void in our tummies with immediate gratification. The clever use of crushed candied cashews, a breathe of fresh air departing from the mainstream hazelnut and chocolate combinations. Definitely a dish perfect for the final flourish.

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar
311 New Bridge Road
#01-02 Dorsett Residences
t: +65 6538 3518

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