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Under the same roof of Ramen Champion Dining comes Shabu Shabu Ramen, targeted at ramen lovers whose cravings can't be satisfied with just one bowl of ramen. Think about it, what's better than indulging in an ambrosial spread of shabu shabu ingredients with bowlfuls of aromatic flavoursome soup on a rainy day (which happen more often than I like it in December)? To top off the experience, a tray of tantalising home-made ramen noodles accompanies the feast instead of the conventional white rice. 

The unique selling point of this concept is the residence of so many different dining options on common ground. Giving families a larger range of selection; everything from award winning ramen to mouth-watering snacks such as gyozas, crispy tebasaki, and now, the shabu shabu experience. Since its launch in April 2014, constant R&D have resulted in fair-valued sets and a variety of soup base choices targeted at pleasing the most finicky of palates. I put this to the test today.

We ordered the Shabu Shabu Set A for 3-4pax ($59++) and settled for Paitan soup and Spicy Soup upon recommendation (the other choices being Miso, Tom Yum and Kelp Soup).  This set comes with 2 boxes of Pork Loin, Pork Belly and Beef Loin, 1 box of chicken, the seafood platter and a plate of assorted vegetables. 

The Seafood Platter ($14.80 ala carte) is essentially a mix of prawn, scallops, crabsticks, cuttlefish ball and salmon ; I skipped the prawns, choosing to dunk its sweet but somewhat dubiously unfresh flesh into the paitan broth to kick it up a notch. The scallops and crabsticks attracted my attention with its rufescent hues, these were delicious, it's delicate soft texture accentuated by the racy tang from the spicy soup base.

If you know me well, you would know that i'm a huge sucker for meat. Shabu Shabu Ramen has my heart with a commodious spread of carnivorous grub procured from around the globe. My favourite would be the Pork Loin from Australia. It possesses the right amount of fats that render the thin slices absolutely besotting after a quick swishing action in the scalding soup. Perfect with the accompanying condiments of ponzu, goma and spicy chili sauce. Not to be missed is the Australia beef loin, so expertly sliced that it curls with silent resolute, ready to be eaten within a few seconds.

Shabu Shabu Ramen now offers 3 sets to feed 1-2 pax, 2-3 pax or 3-4pax at $29++, $47++ and $59++ respectively. With such attractive price packaging,  good selection of soup bases to choose from as well as premium ingredients used, this Japanese hotpot may be a good venue to consider for your next big family or office outing!

Shabu Shabu Ramen
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City
S( 237994)
t: 62351295

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