Flying Monkey: Pizza Fabbrica goes Pan-Indian (next-door!)

'We don't serve pork or beef here as we prefer to be sensitive to the Muslim community which has a strong presence in the district.'.. oh boy, so much for diversity, I muttered under my breathe.

Flying Monkey along Bussorah Street in Kampong Glam is the latest addition to the slew of watering holes in the area. It is also restaurateur Sumeet Singla's second store front in Singapore, a venture he decidedly took on after a rather successful run with Pizza Fabbrica next door. Interestingly, this project sheds its family-based holistic image with an eye-catching wall to wall display of alcohol, amplified with the presence of a row of tiny barrels with barrel-aged tipples festering. Behind the stick, Head Bartender Kannan (previously of Cufflink Club, Long Chim and most recently Long Play) does a swell job of bringing age old Indian cultures into the now. His cocktail program paying homage to the Indian heritage through means of story-telling, ingredients and infusions.

Consider me a fan where the ambience is concerned, a quick walk through glass doors revealing basic grey concrete spaces with murals and colourful characters splashed across the walls exuding a fun vibe. The attention quickly drawn towards the lucridity of that extended bar. You'll want a drink instantly.

And if you do, I would implore you to get the Monkey on Fire ($20), a hot drink that comes with a bit of theatrics. Monkey Shoulder whisky meets grand marnier, maraschino, honey, 3-spice and coconut water for soothing libation that not only goes down easily, but becalms the gut with its innate warmth. 

If you don't know your favourite spirits, rest assured that your livers be in for a treat at Flying Monkey. The Flying Monkey ($18) is a play on the Old Fashioned, spiked with ginger and jaggery syrup to compliment the acute spiced notes of the food offerings. Whereas Mind it! ($18) works as the perfect thirst quencher in this hot weather, fuelled with gin, maple syrup, fresh mint and jasmine. Heritage takes centerstage again with the Yoyo Mani ($18) showcasing 5-spice Kerala rice syrup which kind of resembles a homemade reduced barley syrup on steroids; or perhaps makgeolli depending on which part of the world you're hailing from; thickens the rum-based concoction with coconut milk and water exuding some serious tiki cocktail vibes.

Tandoori Chicken
Most of the drinks have recieved positive responses at this point; but how does the food fare?

Mastermind, Chef Azad, a Yantra alumni is the guardian to a 500-degree tandoor oven. You'll know what to do at this point, face plant yourself on specials such as the Tandoori Chicken ($10) and the homemade naans.

Calamari 65

Give me a beer and a basket full of the Calamari 65 ($10) and nobody gets hurt, even if a series of unfortunate events have landed on my lap that day. Yes. Battered calamari deep fried with curry leaves have a crisp texture and ominous spicy roots that keep your lips well-acquainted with your beverage of choice. Beer would be a great option, if not for the singular choice of Kingfisher (Groanz). There's also the Tulsi Cod ($15), fatty cod fillet marinated with basil and charred in the tandoor. The burnt edges providing textural detail to the rich fish.
Tulsi Cod
Galouti Kebab
Old traditions are paid a visit again with the Galouti Kebab ($14) which look innocuously like rounded otak on flatbread but don't be mistaken. These hockey puck like bites pack a mighty punch of pungent flavors, lamb marinated in unripe papaya is imbued with a blue cheese like assertiveness. Great with a basket of bread and deployed as a pate instead, I suppose. 

We struck god with the Nalli Gosht ($26), tender lamb shank served alongside garlic naan; which I would happily upgrade to Flying Monkey's exotic Truffle Naan ($14) instead. The lamb shank sits in a pool of fragrant curry which you'll proceed to lap up with the help of naan scattered around the table and basmati briyani rice from the dish before.

Sweet tooths will revel in the Jalebi ($10) or deep fried Maida dough. Do take heed as these will burn the roof of your mouth if you're not careful!
L: Truffle Naan; R: Nalli Gosht
Flying Monkey is far from polarising where culinary aspect is concerned, the allure of it's Pan-Indian stance not sturdy enough in respect to presentation. However, the cocktail program speaks volumes about restaurant's concept; and it might just be your cup of tea. Visit Flying Monkey to experience innovative Indian-inspired cocktails grounded by sound classic techniques.

Flying Monkey
67 Bussorah Street
t: 6291 0695

Operating Hours:
Sun - Thurs: 12 - 2pm; 5 30 - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 5 30 - 11 30pm

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