Jim Beam Double Oak: a new premium expression of Kentucky Bourbon launches globally

A much better bottle at the table coupled with a cleaner design for Jim Beam has just appeared at the table. Jim Beam recently launched their newest and permanent addition to the family, the Jim Beam Double Oak. Representing a new take on Kentucky Straight Bourbon, the whiskey is matured not once, but twice in two American oak barrels. And since the law demands that the spirit, bourbon be aged in a new barrel, that's a hell lot of wood to be going around in production.

The standard Kentucky Straight Bourbon is transferred into a second charred oak barrel for further aging. The contact process allowing the tannis, lactones, vanillin from the wood to be infused into the spirit for a more intense flavor. Right off the bat, you can tell the stark difference, the golden amber shades on the double oak representing the rich toasty caramel and vanilla notes that it had inherited through the long drawn process.

Adam Harris, Bour-Bon Vivant and American Whiskey Ambassador for Beam Suntory expounds the joy behind the double oak. Forcing you to to savour it in varied forms from their signature Double Oak Fashioned to a refreshing mint julep and finally on the rocks, poked and prodded into flavor submission in a side by side comparison.

To compliment the experience, we were treated to a 3 course lunch extravaganza at the lofty Portico Prime in Dempsey. Each aimed at bringing out the best qualities in the double oak. Smoked Salmon Belly Salad may not have been reinvented but it's generous portion and tangy lemon vinaigrette did work in tandem with the citrus zest used in the old fashioned. 
Smoked Salmon Belly Salad
Double Oak Fashioned
Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek
I can imagine the fears arising when curating a menu that pairs with Bourbon, especially one as boisterous as the double oak. The Southerners will probably navigate this with ease seeing that most Kentucky residents drink more bourbon than water. Not to make generalisations or anything but anything meaty wouldn't be too hard pressed to tango. We got that with the main course - Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek flanked by grain mustard mashed potatoes, yuzu nashi pear and sauteed white button mushroom. Think sweet, smokey with maybe just a little hint of spice. This dish hit all the right notes and sang in perfect harmony with the spiced oakiness of the double oak on the rocks.

Last but not least, we put the lid on afternoon alcoholic escapades with dessert of Portico Homemade Tart stuffed with granny smith apples, burnt pineapples and too many raisins. A scoop of double oak sorbet seals the deal; it's delicious and I just wished I had a tumbler of that.

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey versus Jim Beam Double Oaked Twice Barrelled; Portico Homemade Tart
You can now purchase Jim Beam Double Oak online at Wines and Spirits.

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