Moosehead Kitchen & Bar: New Lunch Menu

Anybody who thinks dining during lunch at Moosehead Kitchen and Bar is high-minded should visit to try its new menu, stat. Bridging the gap between cents and luncheon sensibilities, the new range of dishes were quick to impress me.

Not a fan of the poke craze (especially one that has shrouded the vicinity)? Neither am I. If you love poke bowls, you'll love the Spicy Tuna and Quinoa Bowl ($18). If you hate poke bowls and have a slight "allergy" to the trendy quinoa, you'll still love this dish. Tuna chunks are marinated in sesame oil and ginger and rested on a bed of quinoa and buckwheat dressed in verjus vinegar. Furikake pulling in the Asian punches.

Get your greens with the Caesar Salad ($14), a restrained update on the familiar classic. Baby gem lettuce are grilled slightly till the leaves take on a caramelized and smoky aroma, soft boiled egg and crispy bacon bites are welcome additions; but it's the caesar dressing made with anchovy and garlic puree that takes the humble salad from rags to riches. Then of course there's nothing more romantic then a sharp shower of grated parmesan. Go ahead, dig in.

The kitchen continues to peddle out safe lunch options such as the Chicken Burger ($16) and the Beef Burger ($20). It doesn't take a lot to floor me. Seriously it doesn't. The Grilled Chicken Burger did exactly that. Exacting joy in the smallest and humblest of things from the homemade mayonnaise to the charred bits on the chicken thighs from being blasted in the inka oven to the tiny unsuspecting pricks of heat from the jalapenos. Everything had a place, served a purpose; and it was good.

Not as tasty is the Beef Burger - you'll barely need 2 napkins for this burger. House made patty composed of 40% fat to 60% meat ratio was a tad dry and unseasoned while the homemade burger sauce with Asian influences gave an outlandish prominence to the dish.

If you can bear to look past the Chicken Burger (which might be made by angels), the Reuben Sandwich ($16) will not leave you disappointed. Grilled sourdough holds a swash-buckle of homemade sauekraut stepped in a 4% saline solution with caraway seeds for at least a week, folds of heavily scented beef pastrami and American cheddar complete the pretty picture. You'll want to chase this with a beer

The epic lunch continues with the unassuming dish of Roasted Shallots ($10), crusty house made bread harboring soft folds of goat's curd and aromatic nubs of confit shallots. There's the crunch from toasted hazelnuts, squish from bread sponged with smoked herb oil and a squeak from my lips when I discover the luscious pour of brown butter over the already outstanding pile.

The Casareccia Pasta ($20) is a real hip hugger, the uber rich lamb ragout slow cooked in harissa and tomatoes redolent with herbs and spices. Personally I find it a bit inappropriate for a lunch time item and if you aren't ready to roll out of the place at this point, it's possible you have a bright future as a competitive eater.

Embrace your inner pork diva with Moosehead's Pork Belly ($25). The chefs use soy and mirin as weapons of levity in this hearty pub classic dish. Make sure to dig into the gigantic mounds of wholegrain mustard mash that serves as a magic carpet ride for that luscious Japanese inspired pork bouillon - order with confidence.

Moosehead, I admit once again has got the lunch formula down pat. It is humble and not too terribly innovative but wisely executed. You'll need to prepared to wait a few minutes for a seat, or even brave the elements in the wild to lock lips with the reuben, but trust me, it's sure worth jostling for a seat.

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110 Telok Ayer St
t: 6636 8055

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11 30am -  2 30pm; 6pm - 10 30pm
Sat: 6pm - 1030 pm
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