Cupcakes Galore

Cupcakes Galore

just realised tt my baking habits come in spasms. haha.the efforts are either zilch or come in BIG BUNDLES OF JOY! woots.. so these 2 days were basically heavy baking days. hehe. First up, we had an order coming in from dearest Yeeling (my track buddy back in RGS) for her and her bf. sweet. haha. So here it is.. the simple yet devilish Bailey's CheeseCake with Chocolate Crust. I wouldn't recommend this for kids coz its high Bailey's content tilts it towards adultish indulgence.

My dear gurl however has encoutered some unfortunate happening lately and ended up with a sprained ankle once more. oh well.. hope u'll feel better soon k babe. Yep. but it was great catching up with u. THanks for dropping by to chat!

Next up was Cupcakes meant for Claire's bdae party held at aloha loyang. Meant to bake 4 different flavours but guess tt was too ambitious of me. Only managed 3 in the end before calling a stop to the baking since i was a tad tired. haha. So wala..we've got 1. Oreo Cupcakes, 2. Banana Oatmeal Cupcakes, 3. Cappuccino Cupcakes. Glad tt all pple at the party recieved it well, an assumption i was forced to assume since there were no cupcakes left at the end of the day and i didn't even get to taste one. haha. Woops.. then again bakers never eat their own goods. hehe. oh yesh..shld i mention that i want to make a sincere apology to all the kids i sweared at ytd.(thought they stole my piping tips meant for decorating but so happened that they were just lying stashed away in some corner of the kitchen) My bad.. *grimaces*

THanks Claire for being such a wonderful host to the party. Must be tough with all the planning and everything. Hoped tt u had fun coz its ur party after all! *tee hee*.

the night was rather eventful i must say. got off to a slow HOT start (seems like it was rather stiffling becoz of the humidity gathering in the air), then slowly branched out to a little more fun after the cake cutting and photo taking ceremonies. Several pple got wet in the midst due to a little mischief near the poolside which started off with Tim being thrown in. Well, in the end everyone who attempts will get thrown in. haha. So the night wore on with a little 'devil's water' as usual. Yum...but drinking on an empty stomach makes u high reallie damm fast. Thanks Sui for the walk in the rain and the heart to heart bestie tok. I guess I loved the rain as much as u do.. *smilez* though it was freaking cold after tt. haha.

Okie dokie.. can't believe tt i'm leaving for vietnam tmr and i haven't started packing. Screwed to the max. haha. kk.. gotta go get started. Bye pple. I'll leave u with some sweet nothings from me... Enjoy...

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