night out.

PUMPFEST is on peeps! Go down to catch the live, gripping action on the walls at vivocity this weekend!!!

went down to check out the walls and the action ytd. Besides the many many hugs i got from Ching, haha. i also had the company of zhiheng! haha.. long time no see le. Hence it made for a great get together. haha. had fun making fun of the competitors (tsk tsk) with our name games; erm.. so far we've come up with shao lin monk and lion king. haha. Well, wat else can i say.. hmph, two in decisive pple coming together and deciding upon a food destination wasn't a very good idea? haha. But Sakae was good! haha. erm.. next time can we skip all the tea drinking session. felt very very bloated. haha.

after tt we whizzed off to east coast to meet up with some of his friends at this unknown pub( i say tt becoz i never knew such a place existed).. had a couple of drinks courtesy of his frens, seems as though they had a bottle of chivas left behind previously. We played some dice game to wash down the bottle at a faster rate coz one of them was eager to check out mos. well, i didn't particularly excel at these sort of bluff games as i dun have the natural talent to smoke; so oh well, had a little more to drink as a result. Meanwhile we had a mini karoke session there. haha. had fun singing with the guys. there after, we zipped off to mos to join the throngs of pple gyrating on the dancefloor. was kinda interesting for me since i've yet to enter the clubbing scene in ages. It was great fun nonetheless. haha.. THanks zhiheng for sending me home! haha. *smilez*

so at the end of the night, 10 glasses downed. lots of 2nd hand smoke inhaled.*argh*..and left a stinky mess. oh boi...

i lurve this song! thx zh for singing it with me. haha.

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