legs destoyed

Can't slp...

sigh.. can't even enjoy a good night of slp though i'm reallie tired. Been running ard the whole day. yet when its time to rest, just can't enjoy a single peaceful moment without feeling the burning itch on my legs. I attribute this to the incredibly disgusting soil conditions we have at our race venue. Dry run the previous day, wading in the muddy waters that literally smell of shit. My gosh..feel lyke my legs are rotting... Sandflies strike without warning. THe next day, my legs are covered throughly in them. they even had the guts to take a nibble off my butt and groin area. Je deteste' sa!!! argh. they itch lyke hell.. there this burning desire in me to scratch them till they bleed. But i can't.. i dun wan scars. *boo hoo*.. worst thing is pus just leaks out of it consistently.. how am i to slp on my nice clean sheets? DAMM IT... pissed to the core.

his bdae was the day before.
delivered the cheesecake i baked and a book tt i bought to his doorstep.
left it there and walked away.
memories... wear heavy on my shoulders...

Eric Clapton -- Blue eyes blue
Lyrics by Diane Warren (kudos to this amazing woman for writing some of the most amazing love song lyrics)

I thought that youd be loving me.
I thought you were the one whod stay forever.
But now forevers come and gone
And Im still here alone.
cause you were only playing,
You were only playing with my heart.
I was never waiting,
I was never waiting for the tears to start.

It was you who put the clouds around me.
It was you who made the tears fall down.
It was you who broke my heart in pieces.
It was you, it was you who made my blue eyes blue.
Oh, I never should have trusted you.

I thought that Id be all you need.
In your eyes I thought I saw my heaven.
And now my heavens gone away
And Im out in the cold.
cause you had me believing,
You had me believing in a lie.
Guess I couldnt see it,
I guess I couldnt see it till I saw goodbye.

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