had a bad day

had a bad day

have u ever went through a day thinking tt everything tt cld have possibly gone wrong has gone wrong? yeh.. i reckon' i'm having one of those days. Its just sickly rotten. oh well, though not a lot of bad events have occured. Somehow, i just have this feeling deep inside tt there's like some sort of underlying error somewhere. Blinds my vision and polluting my mind to think tt whatever is ongoing is just wrong. I'm so sick and tired of this...

to all the pple out there whom i've offended today. I'm reallie sorrie. Just ur luck for catching me in one of my worst moods ever. somewhat like the perfect storm (watched tt movie.. lame ending! everyone dies). here's a sincere apology to all u guys, didn't mean to step on ur toes.

and to all the pple who made me feel better about myself. THanks a million. wouldn't have made it through without u guys. *hugz*

burnt my hand whilst baking, *clumsy me!*.. fulfilling orders can be tiring. But at least i enjoy the fact tt pple like me cakes. haha. Lets just hope that more business rolls in so tt i can proceed on to purchase my dream oven. yeh. kk.. lets show a kinda outdated picture.. hehe. tts the marble pound cake i baked about a week ago. Was forced to do another one, by my own will of course becoz my mum choose to gave away the cake tt i didn't even get a bite off. So, of course i had to bake another one for myself! wahaha. Delicious,certainly worth the effort.. loved the combo of chocolate and vanilla and the plus factor was that the cake turned out reallie moist. just the way a pound cake should be. Needless to say, flavours develop over night. and it was even better the next day! haha.

just wish this week wld pass faster *praying* then EID and ATC will be over. all the burden lifted off my shoulder. *reaching out for the chivas on my shelf then withdraws*.. neh..i'll give the alcohol a rest tonight...
sheesh..think i'm falling ill again.. see an ulcer at the back of my throat. *croak*

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