Greetings from Vietnam


Everybody! rise and shine! damm..didn't knoe the sun rises so damm early here in vietnam. Its 5 30 and the Sun was already high high into the sky. *sobz*

Just got updates, the 4 of us just spent a wet and when i mean say wet, it means REALLIE WET day in Ho Chi Minh ytd. Walked in the city soaking wet.. once again. Decided it was a better choice to move off to our next destination Mui Ne that night as compared to wasting another day in the city. Therefore, here we are! reached destination Mui Ne at around 2am in the morning after a tormenting journey on the bus which did nothing good for my poor deflated ass. Oh well, a lot more exciting stuff installed for the day ahead. Viewing the higly accliamed Red sand dunes, Red Canyons at the site. Should be exciting stuff! Woots.

Jiemin: Sihan Sux. She slps beside Jonathan.

Sihan: ya lar.. yar lar..have to slp straight so i dun knock into him. *tee hee*

*conversation ends here since our dearest Kok Vui is still in Bed and Jonathan refuses to make a statement*

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