Cashew Honey Sticky Buns

Tuesdays With Dorie: Cashew Honey Sticky Buns

So I know you're probably thinking these are little over due. Been procrastinating this round round of TWD because of the influx of orders that came over the last two days of the working week. Besides, I was rather appalled by the outcome of the dough as it churned out from my kenwood mixer with my dough hook attachment. Gosh.. I must have a mistake. This batter was so soft and gooey, nothing like I've ever dealt with before; not that I've got a lot of experience with bread and buns but to have a dough with a consistency of a sticky cookie batter instead. That left much to doubt.

I reckon it was a mistake I made whilst adjusting the measurements to quarter the brioche recipe as i attempted to quarter the entire quantity to minimize wastage.

argh. stupid idea.

leading to some disastrous results. the only consolation would have to be the lovely honey brown sugar glaze topping. Now that was the bomb! and I"m sure it would go well paired with a simple roasted fruit dessert of a plain cupcake. *smilez* lesson learnt, just stick to the entire recipe next time round. The other half can be used to make a brioche loaf anyway. *Sigh*

still, for better results please see the works of the other TWD bakers on the blog roll. It leaves me in pain just oogling at those yummy photos.

To leave on a sweeter note; here's a few photos of baking in progress. With much better success of course.

Baby helping out with arrangement of the lovely mango rose on the mango cheesecake. he has such a penchant for beauty... hehe.
Just a random note to you people, go check out the henderson waves (a.ka. the southern ridges walk), the bridge lights up beautifully at night. Went for a 7km walk with babe yesterday night. Throught the stickiness and the humidity of the night, the views and sights were gorgeous.

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