journey to the..(day 3)

Journey to the Great Ocean Road (Day 3)

encountered in the afternoon. We quickly rushed out of our comfy quarters to catch the rest of the sights along the great ocean road at port campbell before doing a detour back to the town ofthe third day began again, this time with a much clearer sky than the darkly speckled one we Geelong via the inland route which definitely was the smarter choice giving its shorter length and less windy paths.
the picture above shows the path leading to gibson's steps which offers a scenic route down to the beach where the contrast between the high cliffs and the floating apostles are more evident. A path highly recommended by my brother's friend. Pity its close this season, probably due to the strong tides...

so there you have it, the infamous london bridge which was nothing more than an arch disconnected from the mainland. Still the rugged coastline and the fierce waves made an awesome spectacle even for a weary traveller a little sick of facing the same coast for the past few days...
Following our final viewings, we bid a final farewell to the rugged coast and headed down along the inland highway to the town of colac to have our mini picnic before continuing our journey down to geelong for proper lunch!

my mini snack! kit kat chunky..cookie dough style!!! i'm going to try the strawberry chocolate version next! tee hee..
the view from our picnic spot off the red cliffs. Apparently this place is sitting on top a volcanic plain giving rise to the formation of lakes in the region! COOL!
our proper lunch before heading onwards to queenscliffe to catch the passenger/ferry to sorrento (morington peninsula) where the great round about journey continues (in fact most people find our travel plans rather amusing considering the fact that we manage to compress a few day trips all into one!)
a few pictures taken at the pier at geelong. the weather was perfect.. blue skies, sun up high above head and slightly chilly gusts of wind.. a total change from the weather we had been experiencing the last few days..
and finally, the day ended off with a boat ride on the car/passenger ferry bound for sorrento on the morington peninsula. After finding accomodation for the night, we settled in for a night of dvd and crappy gossips shows on the tv and tried to catch some sleep for the ventures of the next day...

meanwhile! here's a shoutout to babe! i'm so glad i changed the flight! can't wait to see you in sydney soon! *muackz*

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