letter of consent

Letter of Consent

Its the second day. I woke up with a strange feeling in my gut today. Where was I? took me a while to realise that my foreign presence in australia was true and not a dream.

After a hard-knocking time getting my kor out of bed this morning, we proceeded to fetch Trevor from spencer street before meeting Cheryl at melbourne central. To make things short, life in melbourne was pretty much about walking in circles since Melbourne city was built in a rather angular and circular fashion. We made our way to lygon street, the acclaimed and well proven Italian street of Melbourne City. Paving the way were rows and rows of italian eateries, pizzas, pastas and gelatio shops what not. Most irritatingly, there were students everywhere. Like some sort of infestation. I wonder whether australian kids here get a pocket full of allowance daily. Fancy eating side by side with them at an italian eatery that was not too shabby.

okay, so here's the consolidated plan that we've drawn up so far. all we need is some sort of consent from my mum and dad. Hence the title (if you notice). Firstly, the three of us cheryl, Trevor and I plan to rent a car. Take a drive down the great ocean road... most likely we'll spend a night out at port campbell or apollo bay as we intend to make several stops along the scenic route just to trek a little and visit the many sightings along the way. Our great ocean road tour would most probably end at port campbell where we then head back to queenscliffe and take a ferry/ passenger cruise over to morington peninsula. PLay a little over there. Stay the night or maybe 2. then head back to Melbourne city. Of course, we wouldn't miss having devonshire tea, scones and cream at dandenong on our way back! Woots. Its going to be so much fun. So what's your say mum and dad?

Okay.. here's a little something for you guys then since you all are most probably bored to tears with all my written nonsense. Photos!!!

Sunrise from the porch along drummond street

desserts from yesterday. Sticky date pudding and toblerone cheesecake. the former was good and the latter.. a moussey disappointment despite its larger than life size.Lunch along Lygon street Papa Gino! they offer good value for money pizzas and pastas! (note: please steer clear of the meat lovers pizza there though. a little too much on the sweet side due to the added bbq sauce)

desserts! the cake counter was to die for and all the cakes on display looked superb!

After having the toughest time choosing, we decided upon the pistachio and almond torte as well as the nutella ricotta cheesecake. Both were as good as they looked.. Wish i could get such cakes in singapore.

A classical shot of the fed-ex delivery man. First he delivers pizza to the rural beaches of malaysia. Now he even does it to the city of Melbourne!

Okay. done! I know its a little stingy in the photos department but it will have to do. Especially since i've been so incredibly lazy about taking photos. Pardon me folks... Stay tuned though. Promise I wouldn't leave this blog untouched for the time being. So for the last picture before i sign off. Here's the Skyline taken from the Yarra River... gosh nothing else to say. Brain shutting down pretty quickly.... *bewww..*

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