irrational thoughts

Irrational Thoughts

let this be a page for my imploding thoughts. My crazy idiosyncrasies. Sometimes i just want to burst.

I just had the most terrible time driving home from babe's house. The nagging images from wrestling in the warm sheets (no please don't think anything bad. i was just trying to catch a nap before i went off after delivering cake to babe's house); waking up to the grim face of babe telling me to answer the witches call. Like wat?!?! I'm tired... you're tired. Its evident. I shouldn't even be there in the first place. No more will i ride over late at night, its a outrageously stupid plan that always results in dire situations there after.

Like bloody hell, look at my poor cake cover. Upon transporting home, the darn thing fell on the carpark floor like twice. F***! i just stood there looking like a goofball, all helpless and idiot like picking up the pieces. Now, I've acquired nothing more frm this night then a few ugly stares and a badly scarred cake cover.

I swear I'm never doing that again. I hate your incessant nagging, i hate the way your room isn't cold enough to want to cuddle and I hate my rawness. Dammit.

signing off though i'm too pissed to go to sleep now.

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