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Journey to the Great Ocean Road (Part 2)

and so the story continues with our next stop at cape otway to see the famous light house (AGAIN?!) This would have been just another light house till we caught the video at the information center then did we realise the historical importance of the place and its role in past migration activities from Europe to Australia. Was a real eye-opener for the 3 of us. By the way, there is an admission fee to this place that allows access to the lighthouse keepers quarters, the radar base as well as the lighthouse. A must go i say as it offers some spectacular views from the top of the tower. Hold on to you hats of course, its soo windy up there that walking about is a hazard!

did i mention that the devonshire tea (Scones, jam and cream) served there are especially impeccable. Sitting at the window sipping on a big mug of hot chocolate and chewing on some lovely scones made the miserable weather just so much better. Soon we were ready to battle the storms out there once more. Recharged!Next up, we heading deep into the national park.. from the powerful oceans to the foggy forests insets. The fresh air and deep green settings put us in a mood for some trekking. And hence we set out to look for triplet falls within the park premises. Told to be one of the more spectacular falls ard.

and sure enough, it did not fail. Scenary from the trails of the cascading flow was beautiful on and off the camera.

and as you guys know, since winters in aussie are pretty short. lasting till about 5pm each day, we had to rush to our next destination to catch the awesome views in slight disparity of sunlight. Fortunately we made it.. with little daylight to spare of course. Behold, the 12 Apostles nestled in Port Campbell. JUst as i've seen from all the pictures. They were beautiful. works of art done by God, shaping his hands (the waves) and moulding pure rock into figures of beauty and stature. For now we'll just let the pictures do the talking...

the razorback, another spectacular creation of God.

and finally, to end of this post, a lovely photo showing wild flowers rolling in the ferocious winds as the sun sets over the horizon. This marked a very comforting scene for me, one that shows that with every beginning, there must be an end, and with that, may still encompass beauty and brilliance in a way that may not be comprehendable by all. But if you look carefully, this beauty is one that can and must be appreciated as it lasts. A beautiful ending to mark the end of our second day of journey...

the tired crusaders lay to rest the night...

[to be continued]

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