Dining at home @ Ma Maison

I must confess... my short trip back reaped many benefits. One of them being the all round dining experience, with multitude of hawker cuisine thrown in, various restaurant visit and even a home-cooked dinner party to boot. Another would be the new toy I acquired along the way... a Nikon D5000. Yes people, I've succumbed to the world of streamlined pictures with vivid colors, broad prespectives and backgrounds that fade into infinity. And I'm wondering, what took me so long...

Back to the topic of restaurant visits, I swooped down on the opportunity to dine in at ma maison @ Bugis Junction, one of the mainstay eateries on the second floor despite the seemingly high turnover rate in the region. Stepping into the dark enclaves of the homey Japanese diner, i was instantly charmed by the mismatched and almost random accessories adorning the shelves. Quaint lamp shades, each a unique individual light up the dim settings. Aside from the tiny wooden windows that allowed the passing of light, the entire place was in a state of constant nightfall. I remember thinking to myself, 'oh gosh, working here must be a chore. Having to stay awake and all.'



Ramaging through the menus and the tons of leaflets of product placement galore, we finally reached a verdict. The Italian style hamburger steak with cheese and brown sauce for me and the beef stroganov with butter rice and egg for her.


Hers.. a spectacle of glorious fluffy eggs over a bed of rice accompanied by a rich pool of warm beef stroganov tainted only by the slight meander of cream.


the hamburger steak. I gushed upon my first bite. Moist all around with a vision of spices and a crown of fresh cheese brought the modest looking dish over the top. Served in a portion that was 'just-right', it left me feeling satiated and full from contentment.


Overall, dining in the homestyle restaurant was a rather novel experience, with many interesting details to boot such as the hefty hotel key handed to us for billing purposes. How clever. Despite the dire service, I would perhaps make a second trip there on account of the honest, down-to-earth cuisine.


Ma Maison (Bugis)
200 Victoria Street
#02-51 Bugis Junction
Tel: +65 6338 4819


Melvyn said...

I love to dine at Ma Maison too. Try the branch at Central as well. The ambiance is even better there, as it has the river view.

I shall review that next! :)

SiHaN said...

Melvyn: thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely swing by that place when I'm back in Singapore again.