let it rain


Have you ever walked shuffled into a high action paced mall in a daze cause you just knocked off from dreamworld? Every surrounding conversations amplified in full detail. A father reprimanding a daughter for her lack of judgement in dressing, a woman seated at an obscure corner wipes a tear off her cheek, a little boy with luscious locks whispering the magic words to his mum, sweet bliss spreading across her face in rapid motion. Perhaps I should live in this state permenantly, life could be much more comprehendable. Simple.


Dubai has been shrouded in a sheet of drizzle the past few days, a classification of heavy rain standards for the locals. Great puddles of water shroud the dense roads, attempting to seep thru the surrounding packed sands, but in vain. I wonder about the estimated costs in damages inherited on a yearly basis due to Dubai's intolerance in structure for heavy down pours.

Looming grey skies and wet roads, cold passing draughts of wind and winter temperatures of 19 degrees. My thoughts drift to Singapore...

evoked sense of loneliness.

of the things, those few matters that I've left behind. So close to my heart, entrenching a deep hole in my heart where they used to be. Pardon me for my emo state of mind, blame it on the passing rain.



random photos off my expanding collection. Home bakes, eat-outs and drink-outs. Nothing too interesting.. but I guess a little slapdash exhibition would do one any harm.



Cappuccino out of a love mug versus wickedly poisonous Irish Coffee. The former wins hands down, without even raising a finger.

Meanwhile, too all those concerned back in Singapore. I'm fine. No seriously. I know I always throw back the same answer when the question pops up, because essentially that's what it is. Possible business propositions with a local lady transpiring, plans to move to bigger quarters, frequent kitchen disasters in the light of experimentation followed by the covetous feasting on the winners. As it seems, life is fine.


rubberducky99 said...

Sis just as long as u know u've always got us! haha coming from a someone who has had 5 years ( any maybe more overseas exp), living overseas may sound glamarous but haha it does get a little lonely especially when it doesnt seem busy. But remember u've got a big group of cousins waiting for u here! U SHOULD COME BACK when u can! haha i hope the devaluation of dubai is better than it sounds on the news(as always) I MISS U! and all the best k!

I'm kicking back and enjoying singapore now. i can just call for 'auntie nora...coffee!' ( surprisingly home brewed singapore coffee is not bad) haha overseas....chores really do become chores...chuckles..see ya...loves

Your bro.

SiHaN said...

rubberducky: hey kor. I never thought of living overseas as glamorous actually. To me, it was always solitary life which i clearly relished in. so for me, its good sometimes but bad on very rare occasions. You know.. emo me. haha.

oh don't worrie too much about the devaluation. In fact, its good news for Ben and Gwen since they intend to shift houses and property has reached an all time low over here.

I MISS YOU too! and the rest of the family of course! now, i've got to make my own coffee and wash up my own dishes, tidy up the hse when Ben and Gwen fall asleep on the couch after dinner. Yeh. Tell Auntie Nora that I miss her coffee loads.