how i met you


A portion of my life that I never considered a lost cause.

Amongst the throngs of brute man in uniformed straight rows, acrylic faces and cheeky grins.

There was this boy whom I would have risked extras for, just to have a chance at some 'squishing' action along the corridors on the march pass.


The fire-fighting section of my life gradually faded into the background, realities of life hitting me like a giant Land Rover Discovery on the freeway. We parted ways, existing as ordinary friends in two facades of life.

Life as it is, unfolded. Neat pleats in the beginning, followed by a torrential mass of crumpled fabric.

Well, apparently it took me quite a while more, accompanied with a considerable amount of heartbreak before the Lord tilted my glassy-eyed head in a certain illuminated direction. I took it, like a piece of fresh carrot dangled in front of a ravished donkey.

In the end, it was clear. He was made for me as much as I was for him.


Happy 27th monthsary dear.


Fen said...

Oh my, these are so adorable... May there be many more happy days spent with Zhiheng :D

Merry Christmas... Have a memorable and happy one with your family and loved ones...

SiHaN said...

fen: haha. thanks dear! and yes.. I thoroughly enjoyed xmas in spore! heading back to Dubai soon again. more sand.. ahah.