a letter to a prospective somebody


Dear future husband and children,
while its evident that the Lord hasn't tied us in together yet, I think it beneficial that I put a few things out in the open. You know, for the sake of transparency.

to my future husband, a.k.a life-long punching bag, I think you are the perfect. When do I think you are sexiest? When you're up early in the morning washing the pile of dishes and bakeware that have gathered exponentially mysteriously throughout the night. Seriously, I couldn't ask for more. Except maybe a second honeymoon to the Maldives? I'm honestly a little quirky, so you're probably going to have to be very tolerant with me. And in reciprocation of your patience, I'm going to bake mountains of chiffon cake for you. Yes, soft , fluffy moulds of gorgeous cloud cake. It's important that you understand my love for chiffon cake. I have loved chiffon cake a long time and thoroughly enjoy the process of nibbling on its tender crumb whilst trawling through the mall. Well, since I give you time out with your japanese comics, it's only fair that you give me time and stomach room for making chiffon cakes! And in the case that my cake sink into deep depression along with messed up innards and what not, DO NOT be judgemental, be a doll, keep quiet and head out to the the nearest bengawan solo to pick up a whole pandan chiffon cake for me please. But if they do turn out well, it's crucial that you like, no LOVE it, cause its just my way of showing that I love you. Deal?

to my darling children, you all are so adorable. Please pardon me for my gaga moments, still trying to get the hang of being a parent yes? When I mix up names or call names in a certain order, its not because I don't remember them or that I practise preferential treatment, it's just tough given my less than competent memory skills. Please try to cut your mum some slack sometimes alright? When you are mortified by my presence during your cumbersome teenage years, just understand that its all part of the game. You'll realise that I'm not that uncool in time to come. Don't ask why, I've been there and done that. And no, me having a tattoo doesn't give you the authority to get one as well.

That being said, just like your father, I'm going to shower you with chiffon cake every now and then. Spur me on to try out new flavors, marbled, coffee, sweet potato, whatever takes your fancy. Just remember to eat and enjoy your chiffon cakes while those lasts.

Alright, thanks future husband and future children. Love you guys like crazy. I hope I'll see you soon. Thanks.

your future wife/ mother




Anonymous said...

I love this post!
Strikingly original :)

ladyironchef said...

i bet many people want to be your future husband just with the lure of mountains of chiffon cake! HAHA

And wow! welcome to the club, remember someone used to say she won't get a dslr eh? Hee just teasing you, i'm glad you finally get your new baby!

when are you coming back to Singapore? I'm still in Sydney now, going back on Mon! u coming home for xmas? :)

See you soon

SiHaN said...

lihui: thanks girl. a little bit of night time inspiration hit me i guess. how have u been?

lic: is it? people would want to marry for chiffon cake? that's a first I've heard.

and thanks! yar.. i'm so glad to join the club too. Really wondering what took me so long. Now I'm hooked on it. Just trying to clear my old pictures first before I begin on the new ones from my baby!

How is Sydney anyway? enjoying your foodie trip over there? Can't wait for your posts on it. I'll not be home for christmas sadly, but I'll be around next year during cny! I'll see you then yes?