Dining out: Let's Sweets


Joining the ever growing library of buffets packing our congested shores, is the Japanese Sweets buffet, aptly named Let's Sweets. A new venture by Japan Food Holdings Limited; also responsible for the dynamism of the Japanese food scene in Singapore with restaurants such as Botejyu and Ajisen in its helm, the company has turned its attention to buttering up a different throng of diners with a whole bucket of sugar in tow. Yes, a dessert buffet; more importantly, an affordable one situated in the heart of a bustling shopping mall instead of the usual prissy fine dining setting of hotel splendor.

What really captivates me about the dining concept is their ability to contain so much food in the most limited space available. Boosting a spread of desserts in a rainbow of colors and varied textures, one would go gaga over the array. All whilst glancing nervously at the rapidly descending numbers on the little timer perched on the ledge. Even as I speak now, there is a sense of urgency to spill the beans regarding the entire experience.


Clockwise (from top left) - Omu Rice, Dessert display, Crepe station, Caramel Apple crepe

Green tea roulade, Cheese Mousse, Strawberry Mousse, Black Sesame Mousse, Sea Salt Caramel Roulade

In retrospect, the meal had its fair share of hits and misses. I'll cut to the chase here since at this point, you're probably going berserk from the photos galore in this entry. Must-tries include the mixed berries crepe, sea salt caramel roulade, blueberry chiffon cake, Coffee Zenzai, Souffle Cheesecake, Omu rice and Japanese Curry.

The Sea Salt caramel roulade deserves a place on a pedestal, and now as sit in recollection of entire lunch rush; I'm filled with regret for not having grab a platter full of this bittersweet confection. Each slice bringing forth a tidal wave of mixed expressions, tender cake giving way to the sweet and smokey flavors of the caramel cream, punctured by the tinge of salt added.

Desserts aside, the buffet spread boost quite a good array of savouries as well including fried potato with sausages, thin crust japanese pizza, chicken mentai mayonnaise, potato gratin and other japanese inspired dishes. These prove to be very popular amongst diners as they served as a welcome break from the fast and furious indulgence of desserts.




Cream Puff, Souffle Cheesecake, Caramel Mousse, Coffee Zenzai, Caramel Chiffon Cake

Priced attractively at just S$14.80++ for lunch, $18.80++ for dinner on weekdays and S$15.80++ for lunch, S$19.80++ for dinner on weekends and public holidays, Singapore’s latest dining concept demonstrates what good food at great value is all about. That being said, Let's Sweets isn't for the food snob but rather for budget conscious friends in search for quaint joint for a quick chat and intriguing fare. Watch out for the ticking timer though.

Let’s Sweets
Bugis Junction

Lunch : 11.30am – 4.30pm
Dinner : 5.30pm – 10.00pm


Fen said...

Couldn't agree with you further...

Nice photos, particularly the first picture. Your post did tempt me to drop by Let's Sweets and indeed after reading it, I dropped by shortly after. =)

Haven't seen you for awhile. How have you been?

SiHaN said...

fen: I saw your posting on it as well. guess it's not really worth the trip actually apart from the chiffon cake. I've been fine. and you?