Maison Ikkoku: food with a fashion statement

Let's take a break from the recent torrent of japanese dining features on the ole' blog. Today we'll go cafe hunting instead.

Maison Ikkoku is an institution. Period. With it's 3 separate levels serving as natural dividers to it's very attractive business concept of cafe, men's retail boutique and bar; it was plain easy to see why the place has garnered so much attention within such a short span of time since it's launch. I have nothing but high praises for the establishment and would definitely suggest this place for any sort of meetings or intimate get-togethers.

I had the opportunity to taste its food on two separate occasion. Both times, my cappuccinos were acceptable, not the best, but still passable with a slight boost from the chic minimalistic settings. Slightly on the pricey side, the coffee with beans originating from Brazil tend to lean towards the more acidic flavor profile. I would have loved to love the Pumpkin cheesecake that we ordered on a previous visit too, however it disappointed with it's inconspicuous flavor of pumpkin and reeked from a stingy percentage of cream cheese in the slice that resulted in a strangely soft, gelatinous dessert.

My second visit however was much more pleasant. The Norwegian smoked salmon sandwich ($15) served with Ciabatta was a sight for sore eyes and a god-sent to a piggish girl. The generous slathering of dill sour cream over the toasted ciabatta slices paired with the luscious savouriness of the smoked salmon was extremely gratifying.

With cocktails to end the night, my choice of the base alcohol being gin and a one word 'sour' as inspiration; the in-house mixologist worked his magic to conjure up a kiwi martini-like drink, refreshing and ever so slightly potent. My very pricey ($25) joy juice for the night.

Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street


Anonymous said...

Hee... Glad u had a better experience after our 1st visit! :p nd $25 for a drink is pricey!

Sihan said...

babe. yar indeed 25 is expensive. thank goodness it was good though. you should go back and try their sandwiches too. my eyes are fixed on the banana bread too. *smiles*