Carvers and Co. : Strictly Carnivores only.

Just the name alone divulges all secrets of the nature of business of this infant joint. If it's a good roasts that you're after; then you're struck gold with this one.

At Carvers and Co., a family oriented laid back atmosphere is key, and the pride and joy is simply the hearty roasts and comfort food produced by chef/owner Sarah Lin. Staff are enthusiastic, endearing and friendly, generally doing the kitchen justice. We indulged in a languid affair of The Carvers Plate for 2 ($70) complete with a gratifying flow of Long Row Cabernet ($15/glass) to fill in the gaps. Featured roasts of the day included a gammon ham, roast pork belly, chicken leg and wagyu beef with roast potatoes. The bitter arugula salad accompaniment did much to cut out the rich meatiness of the dish's protein overloaded being. That being said, there were no complaints as we worked our way through the mouthwatering assortment of roasts, the succulence in the flesh attesting it's uncalled allegiance with gravy or any sorts. 

If you're convinced to make a trip down soon, my word of advice would be to book a roast in advance for the meal to ensure that they don't run out. Done in small batches with love and meticulous care just as you would when eating in someone's home, don't expect to be served what you want at any given time of day.

Carvers & Co.
43 East Coast Road S(473500)
t: 9667 1096/ 63480448

Operating Hours
Mondays -Friday: 11am -10pm
Sat-Sun: 8.30am - 10.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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