Jing Hua: Dumplings galore

Having been a loyal fan of the original outlet at Neil Road, I turned to the newer branch at BugisVillage to get a quick dumpling fix. 

So to be honest, with regards to ambiance, Jing Hua doesn't quite cut it with it's blank white walls and cheap furniture meant to withstand the anticipated rowdiness of the Chinese dominated crowds. The unfussed decor as if serving to accentuate and highlight the authenticity of the food.

The  first dish we had at Jing Hua was a piping hot bowl of  Zha Jiang Mian. A saucy mess of meat sauce sprawled over springy noodles and laced by cool shreds of cucumber. This was a yummy dish, best savoured with a spoonful of chili sauce, tossed high till the potent sauce drapes every strand with it's streaks of umami. It was a gentle start. One that eased our stomachs into the barrage of heavier dishes that the Northern Chinese were better known for. 

The Xiao Long Bao arrives as delicate parcels of hot soup enrobing sweet morsels of pork mince. In my opinion, these came out a little flat, literally, each dumpling could have benefited from a boost in the volume of soup. However, the delicate pleats received technical bonus points from the hungry diners.

The Pan-fried Dumplings gets nods all around the table. It's crisp base in contrast to it's juicy innards propped up by a well balanced mix of spices, incorporated fats and succulent mince. These were pulled away from the heat all in precise moment that rendered all conditions perfect for these golden pillows.

One cannot set foot out the door of Jing Hua without having their Red Bean Pancake. A classic dish unlike the usual overly crisp renditions that you find so commonly here, these had a queer sort of custardy spongy innards beyond the flecks of toasted white sesame and golden brown crunchy skin. A generous amount of sweet red bean paste smothers the dough before being wrapped up in a tight rectangle package and pan fried till an inch of its life. What emerges is a alluring goddess that punishes the greedy with a tongue scorching forfeiture from it's piping hot innards. Still,..  utterly delicious.

Jing Hua
159 Rochor Road

Opening Hours:
Daily 11 30pm - 3 30pm
5 30pm - 10pm

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