Nickeldime Drafthouse: Heavy on the Beer

New to the neighbourhood, Nickeldime has caused quite a stir with it's ominous 'B E E R' burlesque like signboard tempting the weak (like me) from across the road; the stark contrast between the religious ceremonies held at Novena church and the boisterous alcohol induced laughter at Nickeldime being somewhat of an ironic matter.. The owners are daring, let's give them that.

The latest venture by the hidden door concepts group, it is clear as day that the people responsible are not new to this business, flaunting credentials of a good line up of similar lifestyle and food concepts such as mu parlour, spathe public house, pigs fly kitchen + bar, lowereast side and Boathouse restaurant just to name a few. Like Spathe Public House, Nickeldime has a similar flair, the graffiti splashed across the brick walls a testimonial of its rebellion and its strive to be different. And, to be honest, they do a good job of it, bringing in craft beers that aren't your mainstream crowd and offering them, not in bottles but on tap! 

After wishing, waiting, hoping for the menu to be finalised and manifest itself in front of us after numerous rounds of drinks that spanned 2 weeks. We finally got served.

Needless to say, I pulled a fast one on the burgers. Considering that many of them drew references to BEER, beer bread, beer braised pork, etc... it was love at first glance.

The 510 Burger ($18, +4 for pulled pork) was a vision that evoked food lust with immediate effect. Here, the burger touches familiar grounds with expertly seared beef patty's, perfectly seasoned to match up to the bold flavors contributed by the trio of IPA, Gouda and mozzarella cheese. But then the restaurant adds on, elaborates on and deviates from the norm with beer candied bacon, and fluffy soft handmade buns, crinkly and golden brown at its sloping edges that seals the deal for me. The additional pulled pork detonates in the stomach with its glorious burnt ends. Served with garlic fries that were a little limp but not entirely weightless; this burger scores high on the list of best burgers in town.

A little on the simpler side, the Jalapeno Burger ($15) was no less extravagant in flavor. Proving again with the patty, its absolutely consistency in its ability. The slightly vinegary jalapenos adding a fiery kick to the package. 

I left Nickeldime Drafthouse not only feeling full but sated to say the least.

Will be back to work through the menu and more BEER for sure!

Nickeldime Drafthouse
273 Thomson Road #01-06
t: 8288 5568

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 11am - 11pm

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