Concetto by Saveur: Wallet Friendly Italian fare

Following my rather good first-time experience in Saveur at Far East Plaza. I decided to push the envelope with a second visit to the Italian version of the former. Or rather, an impromptu plan to head down to the movies at Grand Cathay sent us scuttling for nearby food options that would be easy on the wallet. Owned and operated by the same entrepreneurs in the Saveur group, Dylan Ong and Jason Khoo have decided to spill their culinary love into the art of Italian cooking. Hence, coming up with a derivant of Saveur, which is better known for it's affordable French fare.

I gamely ordered the Carbonara Fettucine ($12.90), after fine-tuning my options to the belly full of cravings. Fresh pasta is coated in 'flavored sauce',  then pieces of crispy bacon showered down upon it's white pristine, this then bestowed with a sous vide egg. A shameless concubine of confit pork trails closely beside. Under an immense amount of food stress, I must confess that I indulged in a bit of mindless eating with this one. The sinful creaminess of the dish  soaking up my miseries and disgruntles. Despite the sauce being on the verge of breaking and the pork confit being a little irrelevant; I kept mum and slurped up every drop. Hey.. my wallet didn't complain either.

His Cod ($22.90) was a tad of a let down with pan-seared cod in a clam stew of sorts, an assortment of roughly chopped vegetables attempts to lifts the mix whilst the absence of salt in the broth made the dish seem uninspired. It's saving grace was the golden brown top-hat of puff pastry that was beautifully crisp and cooked thoroughly. 

We washed that down with 2 glasses of house Sauvignon Blanc ($8/glass), yet again a worthy investment for a rather dreary day at work.

Concetto by Saveur
2 Handy Rd, Singapore 229233
t: 6735 1141

Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 9 30pm

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