Seoul Jjimdak: Hearty Korean Stews in the heart of Little India

Korean stews in the heart of Little India. No, we ain't kidding.

City Square Mall may be a bit of a stretch for a west-sider like me. However, if drastically erratic weather patterns beckons for indoor dining action; I would definitely pitch the idea of venturing to the mall situated conveniently above Farrer Park Mrt Station for food and perhaps a little 'after-dinner' activities either at Golden Village theatres of the mega sporting shop Decathlon hawking all sports apparel and accessories you'll ever need.

Situated right next to the GV ticketing counter on the 5th floor of the mall is newbie - Seoul Jjimdak touting two mainstays on the menu and whole bunch of peripherals to boost your hotpot dining experience. First up, the signature Seoul Jjimdak ($33.90) - the individual pot ($12.90 for a singular portion) being my virgin experience with the dish. Bone in chicken is braised to perfection in a deep rich brown gravy carrying huge hits of black pepper and aromatics in its wake. Sieve through the pile and you'll also find fork tender potatoes, chewy glass noodles and braised sweet carrot chunks. The entire dish, a perfect companion to a silver bowl of rice. Ladle on the irresistible gravy and you'll be gravitating towards the tissue box in hope of nose relief.

I much prefer the more generic Army Stew ($33.90) -  it's intensely red shade a tell tale sign of the potency of the homemade kimchi paste employed in the stew. The large bowl boosts everything from luncheon meat slices, pork belly strips, assorted vegetables, baked beans (which I'm rather impartial to), tofu, leeks and ramyeon to lap up the poignant sauce. To be honest, I'm not a go-getter for army stews, but where price is concerned; I've had less for tidier sums than the one at Seoul Jjimdak; hence the comforting mix get my nod of approval. Did I mention that from now till 31st August (11 30am to 3pm), Seoul Jjimdak is offering a massive 51% discount off the original chicken stew as well as the army stew in lieu of Singapore's 51st birthday. Yeh, if that's not a steal than it's obvious you've got warped standards.

Where peripherals are concerned; the sides are crucial when it comes to feeding a family of more than 4 people. Sure, the banchan suffices in placating the 'itchy mouths' before the arrival of the large stew pots; but for something more concrete; I would strongly suggest the Seafood Pancake ($14.90) - the unsuspecting star dish of the night. Crisp around the edges with moist innards housing prawns, squid and leek. This is a definite must have when visiting Seoul Jjimdak. The other dishes scooted around mediocrity with the Chicken Karaage ($9.90) being just a wee bit too sweet and overbearing while the Japchae ($12.90) defied usual expectations to be served hot instead of the usual sour-spicy cold rendition you'll normally wind up with.. Still the slight chew from stir fried glass noodles and the tender strips of chicken marinated in homemade bulgogi sauce provided much comfort.

Lovers of tteokbokki will revel in Seoul Jjimdak's rendition - the Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki ($11.90) A stockpile of gooey cheese sits above rice cakes bathed in a luscious gochujang paste, folds of fishcake forming the base of this sinful medley. I for one, did not take to this well, the vigorous chewing action it requires, a tad too hard for me to comprehend when the sight of supple cabbage from the army stew beckons.

For such a humble joint, Seoul Jjimdak carries the heart of soul of Korean cuisine sans the fou fou details and the crowded circumstances. Making it the perfect choice for a tete-a-tete meal with the loved one before catching a movie. Besides, their current promotion of 51% off their original Seoul Jjimdak stew and Army stew (running from now till 31st Aug from 11 30am to 3pm only) is pretty much unbeatable. I rest my case.

Seoul Jjimdak
City Square Mall #05-04
t: 6634 2668

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11 30am - 10pm

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These look amazing! love that they are pretty healthy too.