[NEW MENU] Sumire Yakitori House: More than just the usual Yakitori

Sumire Yakitori House was first introduced to me as the chicken specialist tbh, that sent a shiver down my spine - was it a slaughterhouse? Apparently not as it is backed by a rich history and firm footing in Japan itself where it already has over 50 outlets located around the country. Yakitori items are the name of the game here, the intimating stacked menu of grilled sticks throwing me off just a little. But I was here for the new menu - featured wholesome dishes and lunch sets that gets customers more bang for their buck. 

At Sumire, you get a taste of Japanese restraint amidst breezy casual settings (during the day) that transits into the usual more stark and formal becomings at night fall. Booth seating ensure privacy settings are kept in check and do I even need to mention the small of flame-licked fats that float out from the kitchen occasionally?

We eased into the meal with the usual suspects, Aburi Salmon Mentai Mayo Roll ($8.90/4pcs; $16.80/8pcs) as well as the gorgeously lux looking Nixon Roll ($11.80/4pcs, $22.80/8pcs) - each touting its own merits. The former is cleverly constituted flavour package of flame-torched salmon and delicate pearls of ikura perched on a bed of spicy cod roe mayo. It melts in the mouth with little resistance - creamy avocado hiding behind the savoury assaults of ikura. I also love the Grilled Eel Roll, the Californian dreams evident in this one with a tube of whipped cream cheese in juxtaposition to the stick sweetness of fatty grilled unagi.

And then there were the yakitori sticks. Not just your usual ones but Sumire's yakitori sticks bordered on fictitious, over-indulgent even. The Hinatoro ($4.90), who would have thought that Chicken Shoulders were so gorgeously succulent, each tiny nugget packing in the intensity of 3 chickens into a tiny morsel. Then there is the Foie Gras Kushi ($6.90), I had my stick and proceeded to eyeball the second one sitting innocently on a plate. Grilled with a caramelised exterior, the fatty liver is irresistible despite the protesting diet.

Chipi Bacon ($5.90) combines all of my favourite things on a skewer. Japanese green pepper stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon; the smoky char on the fats complimenting that beautiful ooze. Another one bites the dust.

Moving on to more wholesome things, the Daisen Tori Nabe ($29.80) puts one at ease immediately with the chicken broth, milk smooth and rendered full of collagen from a slow arduous cooking process, bubbling gently over a flame; cooking a stockpot of ingredients gradually. Simply, unadulterated pleasures with minimal seasoning for maximum enjoyment.

I would normally steer for more simple flavors, but if in the case of hot-heads, you'll want to try the spicy Red soup that is prepared with original white soup boosted with Sumire's homemade chilli paste. Add ramen noodles ($3.90) to make a more wholesome meal or, do as I advise and get the Japanese rice and egg soup ($2.90), stirred in at the very end to capture the essence of the broth in a delicious porridge like concoction.

I would strongly recommend this chicken and egg dilemma of Tokusei Yakitori Tamago Toji Gozen ($21.80) - highlighting the simple combination of egg and chicken, the bubbling pot is flanked by a special rice bowl topped with egg tempura that literally bursts when split open, pouring its salacious secrets over a bed of Japanese rice with hidden gems of braised chicken folded through. This is one for the rainy day and occasional treats for morale boosters.

Conclude your meal with the Homemade Tofu Cheese Pudding ($3.80) in a myriad of different flavors. The original rendition stealing my heart with the depth of cultured milk and the silky smoothness of egg custard. Those who prefer a spunkier mix should opt for the yuzu version, the bittersweet yuzu confit nestled on top the silken mixture accentuating the pleasant milky notes.

Note that Sumire Yakitori House is extending their lunch set promotion till the 31st August 2016 where diners will get to enjoy 20% discount off all lunch-sets such as the Tokusei Yakitori Tamago Toji Gozen and the Daisen Tori Nabe. Grab your homies and make a trip down soon!

Sumire Yakitori House (Bugis)
No. 80 Middle Road
Bugis Junction
t: 6338 9963

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11 30am - 10 30pm
Fri - Sat: 11 30am - 11 30pm
Sun: 11 30am - 10 30pm

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