Apolo Bistro: an offshoot of the instituition Banana Leaf Apolo - except, Mexican?

We made the same mistake. Twice. First, we found ourselves at the food of Indian chaos and a riot of flavors and aromas adrift at Banana Leaf Apolo on race course road; and then once again, with beads of sweat trickling down our backs at The Banana Leaf Apolo (Little India Arcade), quizzical as to where the rest of the tasting gang were. Apparently, we weren't let in on a little secret - walk up a tiny flight of starts residing on the outer caverns of the banana leaf apolo and you'll be lead through ornate swings doors to the Apolo Bistro.

An offshoot of the famous Banana Leaf Apolo restaurant, you'll be provided with an alternative dining experience, complete with ice cold beers and Bombay Sapphire laced Gin and Tonic for revellers to quench their thirsts whilst yelling over televised sports and games. And by alternative, I meant fusion cuisine - Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Western Bar Bites and everything in between. My initial fears for the Indian Kitchen stretching itself too thinly over a myriad of cuisine surfacing with the emergence of some severely odd starters such as the Deep Fried Devil Eggs ($8) and Turkey Bacon Wrap ($14.90). So it appears that the joint is perhaps trying a little too hard; but where bacon and deep fried prawns are concerned; we'll let loose with the rules. Prawns, spiced with a heady amount of Indian powders is grilled with mighty slabs of Turkey Bacon wrapped gingerly around its plump figure. Super addictive, even with the accompanying of Sweet Lassi, astringent with notes of cultured milk and probiotics.

I'm particularly fond of the Buffalo Wings (1/2 dozen - $15.90), 6 full joint perfumed with aromatic Indian spices and fiery marinade that effectively tunnels its way into joints and flesh alike. Delectably juicy thru and thru, this spicy treat goes down well with tidings of cold beer.

Then there's the more traditional deal - at this juncture, you know you're in the safe hands of the kitchen crew who helm the Apolo Banana Leaf establishment - retreating with cowardly efforts the usual comforts of Palek Paneer ($10), Rogan Josh ($15), Plain Daal and Naan ($7 for Garlic ad $6 for plain) to put the rest of the meal on track. They are good and a grin is now plastered to your face.

Only to be perturbed by unorthodox choices of mains such as the Red Prawn Curry ($16.90) and Green Curry Chicken ($15.90) to be set on the table. Resembling a traffic light arrangement of sorts, the artificial shades on the curries sent off some sort of distress signal. Neither authentic nor strong with Indian influences, I wondered why would anyone order these kooky dishes; dressed even more so flamboyantly in coconut husk and pineapple boats.

Make sure to give the Tandoori Chicken ($20) a go, the exterior, charred with wisps of smoke is tender and carry a hint of spiced yogurt with every bite,

Cue the desserts; Mango Kulfi ($6) and Rasmalai ($6) are legit treats; the latter suitable for those who aren't so fond of the cardamon as the lingering notes are quite restrained. The Chocolate Fondant ($8) is the mandatory 'novel-fusion' insertion; but its nothing to shout about, apart from its warm gooey innards.

Just as name stakes, Apolo Bistro is your casual joint, fueled by traditional Indian food and shades of inventiveness that can be deciphered as 'trying too hard' in most cases. Allow me to dispense some nuggets of wisdom: Less is more, less is cool, Indian food alone, can be hipster too.

Apolo Bistro
48 Serangoon Road
Little India Arcade 
t: 62914646

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11 30am - 11pm

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"Less is more, less is cool, Indian food alone, can be hipster too."
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