[NEW] Olivia and Co: Modern bistro in the heart of the CBD

Just opened in March of this year, Olivia and Co. is a modern bistro at the heart of Suntec City, serving up fare fit for anyone from busy executives to families on a day out. Named after Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt, the first wife of Sir Stamford Raffles, the menu is centred around the theme of an intrepid traveler bringing home experiences from cuisines all around the globe. Tales are told and memories can be relieved straight from the plate!
The Tokyo Wings ($16 for 12) is Olivia and Co's very own bestseller out of the 5 internationally inspired Kicka wings -  the first bite will tell you why. The chicken wings are cooked sous vide before drying, so the flesh is supremely soft and juicy. The batter is thick, yielding a solid satisfying crunch, and the sweet teriyaki marinade is glazed on thick and sticky. Definitely a finger licking good experience! On the other hand, the Louisiana Spice Wings ($16 for 12) flavored with Portuguese spices do not pack on that same sweat-inducing flaming heat as the former, instead it has an inherent sour spiciness quite similar to buffalo wings.

Don't be put off by the Quayside Soft Shell Crab Burger's ($23) less than conventional appearances... it's what's on the inside that matters, and based on that, this one's a real champ! A crisp yet surprisingly fleshy tempura battered soft shell crab combines deliciously with refreshing slaw and jalapeno mayo for some real tasty kick. The side basket of sweet potato fries sprinkled with cinnamon upping the yum factor even further, I couldn't stop reaching out for more!

A must try when at Olivia and Co is their Spring Chicken ($14) -  the proclaimed underdog of the menu, this is a tender-cooked leg of 'half-spatchcock' chicken paired with salad and some mash potatoes tinted the most curious shade of green. You'd never guess it, but a mouthful of that creamy mash and the tell-tale taste of wasabi will be revealed! Certainly a unique flavor pairing you wouldn't normally expect to work!

Then came desserts, Waffles of the Week: Matcha Waffle with Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream ($12) if you're a sweet-tooth with a penchant for tea flavors, this is the fix for you. A solid stack of classic waffles and ice cream all glammed up with sago crackers, strawberries, red bean paste and condensed milk drizzle, it's sure hard to resist. Plus only 10 are available ever day and for a limited period only, so there's no time to lose!

Besides this option, there is also an extensive, exuberant variety of house made waffle desserts such as The Snorlax, serbed with peanut sauce, berry compote, fresh bananas with bacon and a drizzle of honey; or The Krispy Lux topped with toasted marshmallows, rice crispies, chocolate and a salted caramel sauce.

Olivia Sticky Date Pancakes ($12) This is another favourite amongst regulars. Listed under the breakfast section, this is more like dessert than anything else (But then again, having a dessert for breakfasts is hardly an abhorrent idea right? 4 pillowy pancakes flecked with blitzed up dates are drenched in a warm caramel sauce. Far from the ordinary, the sauce has a roasted nutty aroma from the infused peanut butter. Add on those freshly sliced bananas and you've got a winner on your hands, alright.

Olivia and Co, has partnered with Trafalgar to launch this promotion driving a chance to win a 9D8N trip for two to Spain worth $9000. All you have to do is to spend $30 at Olivia and Co. in a single receipt from now till 31st August to stand a chance in the draw. Winner will be announced 1st September.

Olivia and Co.
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
t; 6337 2518

Operating Hours:
Daily:  9 am - 9pm

Written and Photographer by Jordan Ong. Jordan finds happiness in the simple: to eat and drink and find satisfaction in all her toil. Besides a deep love for artisan bread, she also has a taste for adventure, activism and anything alternative.

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