[NEW] Shaburi and Kintan: Two all-you-can-eat dining concepts under one roof!

I honestly do love my yakiniku; just not the smell that sticks to your like a monkey on your back - the stark realization creeping up on you as you make tailwind of the restaurant. Fret not, even if the new Kintan buffet in JEM inflicts the same 'punishment' on its guest, it's all worth it. The free-flow Japanese BBQ experience reaping large amounts of satisfaction stemming from the superb meat quality and variety displayed. Perfumed with smoked fats, you'll leave with a smile plastered to your face, that I can guarantee you.

For just $22.80 at lunch and $27.80 for dinner, you'll get to choose from a list of 10 expertly procured cuts of meat including double pepper yakishabu and spicy miso pork. You'll know the moment the thin slices of meat hit the yakinuku grill that special care has been bestowed to ensure the marination of the meat in conjunction with the oil content has been taken into consideration. With a pop, snap and crackle, the thin slices are cooked in a jiffy; proceed to dip them in a variety of 'tare' sauces: original, spicy miso and garlic for optimal enjoyment.

If that's not enough, the buffet display counter showcasing a wide variety of fried food, cold pickles and soups will do a wonderful job of filling in the gaps.

However, I would implore the meat aficionados to opt for the Premium Kintan Buffet ($39.80 for lunch, $44.80 at dinner). This immaculate set opens your appetite up to 28 choice cuts including the rarer Spicy Miso Harami - beef outside-skirt and the melt in your mouth Shimofuri Steak, it's marbled appearance resulting in a smooth degradation in the mouth, best enjoyed with a light dab of salt. 

If you're looking to nurse your seats for a longer time, then the Special Wagyu Buffet ($54.80 for lunch, $59.80 for dinner) would be a worthy splurge, Items such as Atsu (wagyu tongue) and Wagyu Karubi (tare), with its rich content and ridiculous melting qualities will have you waddling out of the restaurant in glee later. 

Incidentally, Kintan presents another hidden gem of an all-you-can-eat dining concept just right beside it. Pandering to the hot-pot cravings popular among Singaporeans, Shaburi is a 'personal' shabu-shabu experience, with yet again an astounding variation of condiments and ingredients to be thrown into the rolling boil. 

Prices start at $19.80 for lunch and $24.80 for dinner for the Regular Shabu comprising of low fat pork (not entirely enticing in the way it sounds, but makes an earnest attempt at selling familiar comfort food vibes) as well as Tasty Beef.  Just a notch up is their Special Shabu set ($24.80 for lunch and $29.80 for dinner) which throws in the additional option of Special beef (beef brisket) - a cut that one would normally associate with low and slow cooking, however its thin slices shaping it up for the purpose of a quick swish in piping hot broth.

Choose from five delicious broths, Konbu (Japanese seaweed broth), Sukiyaki (sweet soy saue), Paitan Collagen Soup, Paitan Karamiso and Tonyu Miso; the chicken collagen paitan working wonders to boost the qualities of the regular cuts while the original konbu allowing the more polarising cuts such as the Shaburi Wagyu and M5 grade Special Wagyu to shine.

The rest of the buffet spread is presented with little quirkiness, the mist-machine keeping the fresh vegetables looking in tip-top shape. 

The final flourish of a meal here comes in the form of yogurt soft serve. Helping to reset the heavy bellies, almost like tea does to cleanse the system - it's sourish overtures purge the palate of all fattiness derived from Kintan and flavor-over dosage (stemming from the crazy amount of sauce mixes you can conjure up based on your own combinations at the sauce counter) from Shaburi. Definitely a must-have to wrap up the debauchery.

Shaburi and Kintan buffet
50 Jurong Gateway Road
t: 62624329

Operating hours:
Daily: 11 30am - 10pm

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